How can a homo with such a gay name as Lee Suckling be such an out of date, sad, non gay house homo? Well, many of his generation only see a future where they live pretend ‘straight’ lives, but this douche nozzle rewrites gay history to make being heteronormalized seem like a natural, and good choice.

The ability to get married as a gay man is a blessing many of us never dreamed possible………..

What the fuck does this mean? Actually, all a wedding is is a blessing from the church on the new couple. Most churches do not approve of gays so they won’t do a blessing and why would intelligent gay people want to enable awful religions? And what kind of moron dreams pf getting married? What kind of sad Cinderella complex does this egg have? So intellectually stunted.

When Gay Liberation was kicking off in the late 1960s, non-conformity to heteronormative traits – marriage and monogamy being two of them – was part of the culture. This was a culture of freedom, of youth, and of possibilities. “Growing up” and getting married didn’t fit into that very well.

It was nothing to do with non-conformity. It was about questioning all areas of patriarchy, which marriage represented the most obvious way of disempowering women. Monogomy has no use for any thinking people in society, it never has. They only pretend it has worth to keep the stupid stuck in loveless marriages. Monogomy is about the human not being in charge of their sexuality and never choosing to celebrate it, which can be easily done without hurting anybody.

It took my husband and I a while to figure out what he meant. Why wouldn’t two men want to get married?

Husband, bwahahahahah. If he needs to ask why any humans would not want or need to get married, well, thank fuck this nong cannot breed.

just don’t have the energy to refute it all as it is all just the immature ramblings of a child that cannot cre to see the bigger picture.

As history proves, it always ends in tears, blood and amyl, the ‘marriage’ fails and they have big time breakdowns.