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LOOK – ‘Smash’ Spells Anjelica Huston’s Name Wrong In The Final Episode Credits!

Whoever wrote out the credits could handle “Debra.” They didn’t blink at “Katharine.” But “Anjelica,” somehow, was just too tough… and whether this was NBC’s way of confirming that it just can’t wait to shuffle Smash off the air or Smash‘s way of signaling complete and utter defeat, the mistake still hasn’t been corrected on Hulu. La Huston’s name is, however, spelled correctly in the opening credits sequence that kicked off the finale’s first hour.

Update: A source tells EW that while Huston’s name was misspelled on the Smash finale’s digital print, it was spelled correctly on the version of the finale that aired Sunday night. The error on the digital print is apparently being corrected.

I fucking shit you not! Unbelievable.

Here is her song cut from Season 2.

LEARN – Why No Torrents Of ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ Have Appeared?

So, it has been 3 days and still no torrents of ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ have appeared. ‘Love and Monsters’ turned up, and wasn’t that just designed to piss off fans. And then ‘Nigger Homos from Outer Space’, but still, no real torrent for ‘The Name of the Doctor’. At first I thought the ‘sending out the DVD’s early’ story was a total publicity stunt, but have had people swear black and blue they have seen the DVD. So………
The BBC may be running around getting sites to take down torrents that appear, but they still would have turned up on the secret internet, and there is still, as of now, nothing there either. Maybe we can assume the American fans don’t know how to convert their DVD’s to downloadable torrents? I wouldn’t. But after 3 days, nothing has appeared? I am back to calling fake on the ‘leak’.
But lets make a deal. I’ll give you the heads up if you give me a heads up? But by now, I feel a torrent shall not appear.

OMG WATCH – ‘Doctor Who’ Mentions Tegan Jovanka On This Weeks ‘Doctor Who’.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I screamed. Tegan was always me favourite the stroppy minx. And I used her name whenever I did alternative theatre in the 80’s and 90’s. How very very cool.

‘X Factor’ Continues Losing Ratings War With Shit Talent And Crap Judges.

Seriously, the country needs help. These shows are just distractions, and bad, cheap TV. AVOID THEM PEOPLE.

In a battle of TV talent battles, MasterChef is beating X Factor when it comes to eyes on screens.

According to last night’s ratings from Nielson, One’s MasterChef managed to draw over 508,000 viewers, and X Factor, on rival network TV3, pulled in about 454,000.

Last night’s MasterChef saw the show’s toughest challenge yet with contestants asked to cook a turduckenqua – the centuries old practice of roasting a quail inside a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.

X-Factor on the other hand, two episodes deep, had the formulaic singing contest structure down pat, wrote entertainment columnist Jule Scherer.

“Start off with somebody great, dip into the not so talented, have a couple of highlights and end with a real tear-jerker,” she wrote.

“It might be predictable, but it works – especially when there is a good back story.”

Wrapping up with a tragic tale was enough to detract from the “karaoke-gig” feel of the performance, with the judges even breaking down.


WATCH – Liza On ‘Smash’.

Oh, My, God. The face.

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