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WATCH – ‘Married And Counting’ – A Gay Couple Get Married In Every State That They Can.

A same-sex couple celebrates their 25th anniversary by getting married in every state they legally can. This is the trailer for an upcoming feature documentary. You can support it by becoming a fan at Starring Pat Dwyer and Stephen Mosher, directed by Allan Piper

WATCH – ‘The Bling Ring’ Trailer.


WATCH – The Leaked ‘Django Unchained’ Trailer.


Django Unchained – Trailer / Bande-Annonce [VO|HD] by Lyricis

WATCH – A Great FAKE ‘Star Trek 2′ Teaser Trailer.

Well, as Spock would say, fascinating. It soooooo looks like Benedict is Khan. but i presume as they are off canon now it is similar to Khan but different. Anyway, so excited.

WATCH – ‘SkyFall’ Trailer – That Shows Sweet F.A.

Start with the theme music so we are all on the same page….

What a poo trailer. I know it is a teaser but that is a total joke. As the last Bond film sucked cows milk, they need to at least show him with his shirt off. Getting fisted, maybe?

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