So, If The ‘West Memphis 3′ Are Innocent – WHO DID IT?


TERRY HOBBS MAYBE?Terry Wayne Hobbs was born on May 21st, 1958. In 1993, he was married to Pamela Hobbs and was the step father of Stevie Branch. Terry was born in Northern Arkansas and grew up in the Ozark Mountain region of the state. He was one of four children and came from a strict and religious family. His father, Joe Dean Hobbs, was a minister at the Apostolic Pentecost Church. Terry’s father became a skilled butcher while in the military and used this knowledge to open about thirty restaurants. Though the family was well-to-do, Terry was having financial problems when the three children were murdered in 1993.

At the time of the murders, Terry and Pam had a 4-year-old daughter. Terry Hobbs was working for the Memphis Ice Cream Company. He was home during the evenings when his wife worked a four-hour shift at Catfish Island. Terry had returned home from his job and accompanied his wife to work. Upon arriving home with his younger daughter, he told police that he did not see his older step-son, Stevie.

DNA testing in 2007 has identified a hair fragment found on Michael Moore’s bindings to be consistent with Hobbs. The type of DNA testing utilized pertains to mtDNA. This testing, though not as conclusive as traditional DNA testing, can help to exclude suspects as potential donors of physical evidence. The DNA used for comparison purposes was taken from cigarette butts obtained from an ashtray.

In late 2008, Hobbs entered into litigation with Natalie Maines Pasdar over alleged libelous comments. Judge Brian S. Miller dismissed the case and subsequently ordered Hobbs to pay legal fees incurred by the singer in the amount of $17,590.


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