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WATCH – ‘Old Dogs And New Tricks’ – S02E05 – My Big Fat Gay Wedding

Fun. Love the time shift. Love the camera work, again. Seemed mainly a set up for next week, but fun. Would have loved a singalong a-la ‘L Word’ in the car. Support marriage equality by supporting the Organisation for Marriage equality. Their finances are open, and they are a country wide initiative.

Do Gay People Celebrate Valentines Day?

What women are like if you forget Valentines Day

What women are like if you forget Valentines Day

Ha, Ha, Ha. Every year I am asked this question, and the answer is complicated. We don’t really need the permission of advertisers to show our love and appreciation to our roots. But generally, just for shits and giggles, on Valentines Days, tops bottom and bottom tops. Joking, mostly we don’t get into passive/submissive obsessions which seem to be such a huge part of straight ‘relationships’. And for the homos out there, here are some great pick up lines and advice. My easiest way to pick up is to make eye contact and then jerk my head a few millimetres and then generally you go off and fuck in a toilet or any where close.

John Waters opened my eyes at a young age.

STUDY – Gay Couples In Open Relationships Far Happier Than Heteronormalized Gays Living ‘Straight’ Lives.

Hardly surprising, but always good to have logic and observation supported with facts.

A study conducted through Hunter College confirms what a lot of gay men will tell you: being in a monogamous relationship isn’t the only road to happiness. Surveying more than 800 gay and bisexual men in New York, researchers at the school’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) discovered that many subjects received physical and mental health benefits from relationships with some degree of openness. “The diversity in types of non-monogamous relationships was interesting, and something that hasn’t been explored very much in research studies,” claims Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, who authored the study. “Typically gay men have been categorized as monogamous or not—and our data show that it is not so black-and-white.” Roughly 40% of the survey’s respondents said they were partnered, with 58% of those men claiming to be in strictly monogamous relationships. Of the 32% in non-monogamous pairings, though, 47% were “monogamish,” a phrase popularized by Dan Savage to refer to relationships that were mostly closed, but with a little wiggle room. Not unexpectedly, men in fully monogamous partnerships showed significantly less illicit drug use and unsafe-sex practices. But the guys in “monogamish” relationships showed lower rates of depression when compared to single gay men, and higher rates of life satisfaction than singles or guys in open or closed relationships.


Gay Australian Wants Gay Australians To Be Monogomous – No Word On Wanting Gay Men To Fight For Equality.

Monogamous Gay Australia is a not-for-profit support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, celebrating and promoting monogamous, loving and faithful gay relationships. “We encourage singles to take a stand, go beyond one night and hold out for ‘the one’,” he says. “We support new couples in getting to know each other before intimacy.” It’s early days yet for the fledgling group, but Andy hopes he’ll find many like-minded people out there. He invites all interested people to join him – take a look at his introductory letter below. “Hold off, don’t sleep with him on the first date. If you want a lasting relationship get to know each other first.” It’s the advice my Mum Suzie provided to my four straight sisters and all the more importantly to her only son – even though I’m gay, it’s all the same, she insists. “Mum,” I used to say, “it doesn’t work like that in the gay world.” While it’s confronting, she’s right. I never had a role model as a kid, teenager nor adult as to how I should live my life as a gay man. Instead it’s something we kept quiet about, yet I felt embarrassed. My love for a man is as worthy as my best friend’s love for her husband.
Why do gay men have such difficulty with monogamy, yet yearn to be loved in a relationship? Can’t a man give them all the love they need or are we greedy? Or is there just too much temptation out there?


Well this seems a strange waste of energy. Not that I do not think monogamy has worth. Oh, right, obviously, like any thinking human, monogamy has no worth. It is not a moral, or a sin, or any thing with worth. Just think this is a silly thing for gay Australian gay press to even cover. Australian gays have zero rights.
And this is the ‘stuff’ Same/Same post on their site? This is what they think needs to be shared? This is worth making people aware of in a country where gay people are on a par with Aborigines in relation to rights. They think this is worth covering?

Organize rights for yourselves, and keep heteronormative lifestyle choices for gay blogs from America. You should be fighting and demanding rights. Not pissing around covering this shit. Sort your shit out. I feel ashamed to think an Australian website would cover this kind of total shit. Just foul.

But then, Australia is a little backwards. I always think of them like an episode of ‘Fast, Forward’.

John Forde Really Wants A Gay All Black To Have A Gay Marriage To Accomplish What?


Under this opening paragraph…..

Mike Lee’s extraordinarily obtuse article in the Herald this week ignores the importance of rugby in Kiwi culture and the fight for gay rights. John Forde explains why the time is perfect for rugby to come out of the closet

John Fore then spends an awful lot of time praising the All Blacks and totally changing a discussion, which was about tackling gay bigotry into one all about marriage equality. As if the two differences between the Civil Union act and the Marriage Act are not easily remedied legally.

Here is the original story he is ‘commenting on, and as you can see no mention of marriage equality AT ALL.

New Zealand’s struggle for gay rights has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. Ten years ago, gay rights were of interest only to the gay and lesbian “minority” who were directly affected. Now, issues like marriage equality and homophobic bullying appear to have caught the national imagination.

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