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BREAKING – ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Renewed for Season 2.

Well, ya know, it had to be. It is the best sketch based comedy in years.

Comedy Central is staying Inside Amy Schumer, renewing the half-hour standup/scripted hybrid series for a second season.

Schumer broke the news herself on Twitter late Monday.


‘Smash’ Gets Two Hour Send Off On Sunday May 26.

It is finally getting good. Well, no more fantasy song numbers.

It looks like Smash will go a little less gently into that good night.

In an effort to give the musical drama a more high-profile sendoff, NBC is giving the show a reprieve from its Saturday time slot and has scheduled its two-hour series finale for Sunday, May 26 (9/8c).

There’ll certainly be plenty of action packed into the installment — titled “The Tonys” — according to showrunner Josh Safran. “Someone is pregnant! Someone is arrested! There is a kiss between a gay man and straight man — who kisses back!” he teased while spilling spoilers for TVLine’s “May Sweeps/Season Finale Scoopapalooza.

REVIEW – ‘Old Dogs And New Tricks’ – S02E01.

Yes, I have seen the first episode of Season 2, and my gods, it is back and it is brilliant. I find many web series are scared of change and growth, but no such fears about the Second Season kick off episode. Wow, just wow. Characters we thought we knew are now showing us many different shades. Nathan, especially, is showing a very real side that often happens when we meet a new ‘friend’. have seen it happen many times, and even have done it myself. Is all too real.

The partners of the ‘Old Dogs’ turning up is doing great things for the story. Doug Spearman is a fine actor, and his character, bringing the concept of a ‘San Francisco marriage’ into the mix have set up what I am sure will be great discussions on what we need from a relationship, and how sexing around can change our relationship in ways we can never foresee.

For me, ‘Old Dogs and New Tricks’ is the best comedy series on the Interwebby. No qualifications, no ‘for a gay themed show’ tacked on. Nothing amuses or resonates as much for me. I mean ‘Nancy Jew’, no-one is writing better, or as honest as Leon Accord. Very excited for the rest of the Season. More episodes, more length, more laughs.


WATCH – ‘Smash’ Season 2 – The First Hour.


LOVE – Lana Banana…..


Love Sarah and adore Lana.

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