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‘Guys And Dolls’ Remake To Star Joseph Godron Levitt And Channing Tatum?

20th Century Fox has secured the rights to remake Guys and Dolls, and according to Deadline, are after a couple of The Backlot favorites for the leads:

At long last, 20th Century Fox has closed movie rights to Guys And Dolls, and the studio will soon start the process of developing a remake of the stage and movie classic for what Fox hopes will be a killer pairing of Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the roles made famous by Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando. There is no writer or director yet, but those guys are interested.


Ryan Reynolds To Botch The Scottish Accent For ‘Highlander’ Reboot?

Oh Gods. Why remake such fun crap?

The franchise’s motto is “there can be only one,” and Lionsgate-Summit seems to have found the man to be the next “Highlander.”
Ryan Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner to topline the reboot, and though it’s unclear whether an actual offer has been made, sources tell Variety that both sides are in talks and are very interested in working together. Insiders add that Reynolds is weighing other offers and that could still pursue another project.


‘Suspiria’ Remake I Shall Never Watch Casts Lead – Why Remake Perfection?

I know I have said it before but why remake good films when there are so many crap ones? Will the remake actually give ‘Suspiria’ a ‘real’ story so the whole dream/no sleep/insane quality the original has is lost? bet it will.

David Gordon Green’s remake of Suspiria was officially announced last month and has now cast its lead actress. Isabelle Fuhrman had roles in Orphan and The Hungers Games. According to Variety, she has officially landed the role of Suzie in the upcoming remake.

Wankers. Messing with insane perfection. What, ‘Inferno’ next?

HEAR – New Music From Stooshe – ‘Things That Make You Go HMMMMMM’.

No more covers.

Lacks the energy of this.


The Original, classic dance track.

‘Old Boy’ Shit Remake Offers Villain Role To Any Actor With A Pulse.

Still no villain with the start date rapidly approaching. They will have to take anyone with a pulse who accepts the role soon. Oh, that is happening now. Just cancel the doomed piece of shit NOW.

Variety reports that Sharlto Copley (District 9, The A-Team) has been offered the role of the villainous billionaire in Old Boy. If accepted, Copley would be taking a part that has had some pretty big names previously attached to it, including Clive Owen, Colin Firth and Christian Bale.

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