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So, Do NZ Actors Get ANY Residuals For ‘Our TV Shows’ Screening In Many Countries Overseas?


NO. I wonder if this has ever affected filming a NZ show where an actor left rather than carry on doing a show when the producers are making money off DVD sales, Vodafone phone messages and they get nothing? Wonder if a law has ever been changed to fuck over actors and take away union rights, that every other country in the world has, that Equity gets some say in casting and ensure NZ actors get a fair shake of the stick? NO, of course these events have never happened here.

Our dogs are being watched in Liechtenstein and Russia. In Macedonia, they’re tuning in to our girls. And our Westies are now out east on TV screens in Slovenia and Croatia.

Scores of Kiwi-made TV shows are being watched overseas, enquiries by the Herald on Sunday have revealed.

And it’s a big bucks business – TV exports pumped $37 million into the country in 2010/11, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Among those taking the Kiwi accent and way of life to the world include Go Girls – on screen in Macedonia, Bosnia and Ukraine and Outrageous Fortune, in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

TVNZ licensing general manager Leigh Wilson said demand for Kiwi shows was on the rise.

Canine agility show Wonder Dogs has been snapped up by broadcasters in Russia and Liechtenstein, said Wilson.

Demand in eastern Europe had become insatiable.

“The whole market has opened up, there’s more channels, they’ve got more money to spend. They’re absolutely hungry for it.”

South Pacific Pictures chief executive John Barnett said many Kiwi shows were bought for daytime and off-peak viewing in Europe, where they provided a point of difference to the “cops and docs” heavy offerings from the United States and Australia.

“You don’t find the likes of an Outrageous Fortune or Go Girls on offer anywhere else in the world.”

He agreed that sales were on the up.

“Ten years ago buyers would say, ‘I don’t want a programme from New Zealand’ … now it’s considered to be on par with Australian and Canadian product, ” said Barnett.


But love this quote from the legendary cunt Queen Christie………

Eyeworks chief executive Julie Christie said “character driven shows” such as Matthew and Mark’s Rocky Road were hot.

“Networks are making a shift to male programming or broader humour genres.”

What on earth does that mean? TV has always been a male domain, from programming to ads. FFS, how many sports channels are there in the World? And Julie has always insisted on making male obsessed shit TV, nothing can change that.

BREAKING – Antony Starr Cast In New Alan Ball Show For Cinemax – ‘Banshee’.


This is just marvelous news. Ant is such a nice man, and such a bloody hard worker. And an excellent actor. This news makes me very very happy.

New Zealand actor Antony Starr has landed the lead in Banshee, Cinemax’s upcoming action drama series executive produced by Alan Ball. The 10-episode series, written by authors Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler, centers on Lucas Hood (Starr), an ex-convict and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, PA, where he continues his criminal activities even as he’s being hunted by the shadowy gangsters he had betrayed years earlier.

$3,000 Is The Price For Saying ‘Dickshit’ On TV – And ‘Piss’, ‘Fuck’, ‘Cunt’, Mother Fucker’

Strange days. Mediaworks got hit with a $3,000 fine for language on ‘Outrageous Fortune’.
And on the same day TVNZ got hit with a $3,000 fine for the Paul Henry idiotic racist rant.

As I remember the law, if the words are in ‘context’ they are fine. All those words on ‘Outrageous’ are totally in context of the characters and show.
Nothing Paul Henry said is permissible, and the fine is very weak. But at least now I have the choice to never hear the mad on radio or see him on TV. And you have the same power……

Times have changed.

DAMN – Frank Whitten Dead At 68.


Awful, sad news. Such a lovely guy and an excellent actor. Really sucks.

No Picnic On ‘Rock Island’.


Oh, Wow! That was the most fun in front of the TV for years. Seriously pissed myself at what a total car crash the show was. Loved the flop.
Should point out, totally adore bad TV and moves, and this was one of the worst for years.
What really worked for me was the way the cast seemed to have figured out what a pile of shit the show was, so all played their roles as if on the verge of cracking up.
The story was cool. Cunty annoying teenagers are in the middle of Sydney Harbour and they seem to take too much E and chunder lots. God, been there. Sleaze 2 years ago, chundered on some chick. Told her she had no right being at sleaze anyway.
Sorry, back on track. Vince Colostomybag plays an army guy who luckily finds the cure, and the show ends.
Grant Bowler does not take his clothes off, which is like, DUHHHHH, why cast the man if he’s not gonna get nude?
All the cunty teen actor were really bad, so you really wanted them to die, especially in the tunnel with the really cheap computer water that made me spit my Heineken out.
Seriously, when this comes out on DVD, we have to have a party with the following drinking game rules…..
1. Kiwi actor – Drink
2. Bad acting – Drink
3. Someone on screen chunders – Drink
4. Product placement – Drink
5. Evil corporation’s mentioned – Drink
6. Grant Bowler stares into Vince Colostomybags eyes, even though he has a bright light shining in his face from the helicopter Vince Colostomybag is in thats flying 100 feet away – Drink.
Seriously, you’ll be pissed in 2 minutes and have a great fucking fight.
10 out of 10

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