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Mike Sabin To Investigate Police Who Are Investigating Him For Violence In A Giant Cluster Fuck Of Stupidity.

This is very troublesome, and also illustrates the huge arrogance that is such a giant part of this National Parties ‘reign of terror and law breaking’. In any civilised country a Member of Parliament would be stepped down whilst the Police ‘investigation’ was conducted.

A National Party MP at the centre of reports he is being investigated by police over an alleged assault will remain as chairman of the law and order select committee in Parliament.

Northland MP Mike Sabin, 46, has gone to ground since reports emerged late last year that he was under investigation by police after a complaint had been laid against him.

Neither Mr Sabin, Prime Minister John Key nor the police have confirmed the reports.

This morning, Mr Key said he was comfortable with Mr Sabin holding the role of chairman of the law and order select committee.

“As I speak to you today, I’m very happy for him to continue in the position he does,” Mr Key told Radio New Zealand this morning.

Mr Sabin was a “fully functioning member of the caucus”, he said.

He refused to comment on the allegations or whether he had been made aware of a police investigation.

“I’m obviously aware of people wanting to make allegations, but I’m just not in a position, for a variety of different reasons, legal and otherwise, to want to make comments about that,” he said.

Mr Key later described the allegations as “rumours”, and said he would not “buy into some rumour mill”.

If the allegations were correct, the public would “in the fullness of time, subject to the law” be informed about it, Mr Key told the broadcaster.

Despite the potential controversy, it is understood Mr Sabin will be present at Te Tii Marae on Waitangi Day alongside his party colleagues.

Yesterday Mr Key said he would be surprised if Mr Sabin was not present, as he is the local MP for Northland.

“I would be [surprised], but just wait and see. It’ll be my expectation that all members who have indicated to the whips that they’re going would be there,” he said.

“I don’t know if he has indicated to whips if he is going or not.”

National’s senior whip Tim Macindoe expects Mr Sabin to attend.

Labour leader Andrew Little said said the Prime Minister should make it clear to the public what the situation was.

“The issue is whether there’s a police investigation going on about Mike Sabin. The Prime Minister will know if there is an investigation, and he should tell the public, the public are entitled to know,” he said today.

“If there’s an investigation, tell the public. If there isn’t one, tell the public – it’s that simple.”


NZ Theater Spectacular Legend Warwick Broadhead Has Died.

Warwick Broadhead’s CV

Wish List

For all beings (humans, animals, rocks, insects, plants, the atmosphere etc) to be well and happy
To experience as much as possible
To walk [with baggage carried by a porter. Potential porters should apply to Warwick]
To be at peace – along with the world
To give up wishing.. and Do


Well, sad news kinda, but he had such a very interesting life. He created such amazing art, constantly. He was one of a kind and he’ll never be bettered or equaled.

Woodenhead – Hospice for Destitute Lovers – music video from Florian Habicht on Vimeo.

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World Changer Georgina Beyer Needs A New Kidney STAT.

Well, shit. But is treatable so good. She seriously just needs a new kidney as soon as possible.

Georgina Beyer is seriously ill.

The first transgender Member of Parliament has told the Woman’s Day she has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. Jonah Lomu suffered from the same condition.

The diagnosis came just days before the 55-year-old was to announce her intentions to stand as Wellington mayor.

She will need to have kidney dialysis four times a day for the rest of her life until she gets a kidney transplant.


Uruguay Scientists Have Engineered World’s First Glow-In-The Dark Sheep.

Here’s the how: last year, a team of researchers led by Alejo Menchaca at the Animal Reproduction Institue of Uruguay genetically modified some wooly ruminants to express a peptide commonly known as green fluorescent protein, or “GFP.” GFP glows green when exposed to ultraviolet light, and was originally isolated from the jellyfish Aequorea victoria. Today, it’s used to label molecules of biomedical interest – to determine whether those molecules are being expressed, and in what quantity. In the last twenty years, GFP and its derivatives have become such ubiquitous and invaluable research tools that its discoverers were awarded a Nobel Prize back in 2008.

Menchaca’s sheep – which were born last October and, apart from their corporeal glow, appear to have developed just like an unmodified flock – express the protein in tissues throughout their bodies, causing them to glow under ultraviolet light. Menchaca says that, in this particular instance, the sheep were modified merely as a proof of concept. As in: Look everybody, we can breed a totally healthy sheep that also happens to glow. Isn’t that swell? Well yes, it is. It’s kind of eerie (look into the eyes of the GFP-sheep up top and tell me you aren’t afraid), but also pretty cool. But why make a sheep glow in the first place?


Gardening Host And NZ TV Pioneer Eion Scarrow Has Died.

Met him once. Had strong opinions.

Gardening guru Eion Scarrow spent his final weeks advising the residents and staff of Apirangi Village in Te Kauwhata on how to deal with the drought conditions that threatened to scuttle the village’s gardens.

It was a fitting role for the man who dug a career from the earth, providing viewers of popular garden show Dig This with all they needed to know about producing the best vegetables and most beautiful flowers.

So when Scarrow died on Anzac Day the gardening world lost one of it’s most hardy soldiers – a man whose weapons of choice were a spade and pitch fork.

Scarrow, 81, presented Dig This from 1972-1986, he also presented gardening programmes on radio for 30 years, wrote columns for several publications and took garden tours to 90 countries as well as writing a total of 24 books.


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