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HEAR – New Music From Lo-Fi ‘Electrician’.

Oakland CA. Photo by Ellen Avis

Oakland CA. Photo by Ellen Avis

Fuck I adore Lo-Fi.

Electrician, an electro-folk project from Oakland CA, creates shadowy songs about social war, relationships, and discontent. Neil Campau, formerly of the anarchist-folk duo World History and most well-known as the founder of, started the project in mid-2012. Since then, he has already completed a two and a half month tour of the USA, supported by multi-instrumentalist and singer Ellen Avis. The songwriting has often been compared to the lo-fi simplicity of works by Phil Elverum (The Microphones, Mount Eerie) and Bill Callahan (Smog).

New song ‘The Ground Moves’.

Music video for ‘All Is Lost In The Light’.

And a cover of ‘I Am A Fully Grown Man’.

The Lovely NZ Rock Pioneer Dave McArtney Has Died.

I first met Dave around 1998 when I was working at the Shakespeare and he was teaching English round the corner. I always loved his music, both with ‘Hello Sailor’ and his solo work so was totally in ‘heaven’. He was very much bemused and we hit it off well until he realized I found him smoking hot and wanted to root. Once we had sorted that shit out, we just always got on so well. He was a lovely, thoughtful man. And we always ran into each other lots after that with the huge return to the public eye for ‘Sailor’ after the turn of the century.

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Can TVNZ Just Once Apologise When They Do Stupid Things?

Seemingly no. But imagine if just ONCE when they do another stupid, tacky thing, just apologise. I stopped watching TVNZ news when John Kennedy Junior died and they used the song by Shona Laing as the backing track on the outro played over footage of the plane wreck being hoisted from the sea. I SHIT YOU NOT. It was not that it was tacky, rude, vulgar, gross, ill-advised and lacking in any human decency. It was when I called to complain, and I was laughed off. Granted, I was employed by them at the time and it was a friend working in the newsroom at the time of my complaint so they dismissed my concerns. I found the very idea that that song was appropriate to play showed a complete lack of smarts. And I could not watch their ‘news’ again.
So, the news that 7# played ‘Smack Your Bitch Up’ as the backing track for a story on domestic violence does not surprise me at all……

During a story on staging female abuse in public, Seven Sharp ran the Prodigy song ‘Smack my Bitch up’ as the soundtrack. Cue open shocked mouth look now.


If you watch the channel expect decisions like this to be made. Don’t watch.
What amuses me is the story is totally stolen. Again, it seems the 7pm slot on TVNZ has to steal ideas and stories from other broadcasters. Sad programme.

HEAR – Gershwin – Concerto In F- Rhapsody In Blue.

Such good music.

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WATCH – Pope Bron$ Performs At The Big Gay Out 2013.

Really like his stuff. How lucky we are to have a good rapper in our family.

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