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REVIEW – ‘Paul Williams – Still Alive’.

Sweet movie. Very heart warming. The end is so bittersweet and delightful. Paul is in a really healthy head space. Unlike some fans. But the film has a positive view on life and how it is about change and moving forward. The scene at the end when he cannot stand to watch himself on live TV having a full on coke fugue is chilling. I adored it and just made me like Paul Williams so much, as a human being. And respect him. Well worth seeking out.

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WATCH – ‘Married And Counting’ – A Gay Couple Get Married In Every State That They Can.

A same-sex couple celebrates their 25th anniversary by getting married in every state they legally can. This is the trailer for an upcoming feature documentary. You can support it by becoming a fan at Starring Pat Dwyer and Stephen Mosher, directed by Allan Piper

WATCH – ‘Harold And Maude’ – The Full Marvellous Movie.

Just a beautiful movie.

WATCH – The Who’s ‘Quadraphenia’.

Lovely stuff.

WATCH – Ken Russell’s ‘Lair Of The White Worm’.

Such fun.

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