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WATCH – ‘Veep’ Returns April 14.

Cannot wait. Such a good show.

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ The Movie Is COMING?

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!This is all that is known, it just was broken on Facebook by HBO………

Curb Your Enthusiasm

BREAKING: HBO will do a movie with Larry David, to be directed by Greg Mottola.

This just in from ‘DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD’.

While he hasn’t said yet whether he would do more seasons of his HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is back in business with HBO. At the pay cable’s TCA executive session, HBO’s Richard Plepler announced that HBO will do David’s upcoming movie. Originally set up as a feature at Fox Searchlight, the film will now be produced by and air on HBO. The film, which, like Curb, will feature improv elements, will be directed by Greg Mottola, with David, Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton attached to star.

That does not necessarily sound like a ‘Curb’ movie to me, so we shall see and Shall keep updating.

HE IS FUCKING BACK – ‘Eastbound And Down’ Back For Season 4.

Excellent news. The show has a huge heart.

TVLine has confirmed that the Danny McBride-starring series is suiting up for an eight-episode Season 4.

In last season’s finale – which drew 1.6 million viewers — former pro baseball pitcher Kenny finally got called back up to the big leagues. But he walked away from it all, faked his death and returned to Myrtle Beach to be with April and their son.
Speculation about the show’s demise ran rampant. McBride, though, always left the door open, saying in this HBO Q&A that “as long as [Kenny Powers] is alive, there are a lot of stories you could tell.”


WATCH – The Pilot Of ‘The Newsroom’.

Well, you will be able to if you’re in America. But what a bunch of ass. Wow Sorkin has an awful view of woman. And aren’t white men just his biggest hero.
Lots fucked me off about the pilot, but 2 things stood out. This alternative reality is a world with no social media it seems. I know the show is set in some other reality 2 years ago, but to leave out social media ia wrong. But mainly the whole ‘set 2 years ago and will show how the media failed’ is just ass. A cheating, cheap trick that actually lessens any points he is trying to make. Shall not watch again. Sorkin lives in fantasy land.

The good stuff – the relationship between Daniels and Waterson, a news man with an agenda – all stolen from ‘Network’.

WATCH – All Of Eric’s And Pam’s Scenes From The Return Of ‘True Blood’.

They make the show. The Eric/Bill bromance is also amusing.

More Pam to come as it is posted.

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