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Idiots At ‘Entertainment Weakly’ Get ‘The Gay Issue’ Wrong Again.

These modern actors have never been in the closet. the MSM have just not known how to cover them as they have no way of knowing how to cover out stars. They were never asked, or publicists told ‘journalists’ not to ask.

Even if it’s accomplished in a subordinate clause or a passing reference, coming out casually is, in its way, as activist as DeGeneres’ Time cover, although few of these actors would probably choose to label themselves as such. The current vibe for discussing one’s sexuality is almost defiantly mellow: This is part of who I am, I don’t consider it a big deal or a crisis, and if you do, that’s not my problem. It may sound like a shrug, but it shouldn’t be mistaken for indifference. By daring anyone to overreact, the newest generation of gay public figures is making a clear statement that there is a “new normal” — and it consists of being plainspoken, clear, and truthful about who you are.

Well, kinda ignores the media being complicit with keeping stars in the closet. Ignores how EW is openly hostile to Out entertainers and bash them for living a gay lifestyle.Ignores how gay media are open how they are not allowed to bring up the ‘private lives’ of stars such as Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons. Ignores that their own publication happily allowed Anderson Cooper to chat happily about his brothers suicide and fathers issues, but ignored that he loves cock in his ass.


Did Gross Serial Killer Resembling Perez Hilton On ‘Glee’Also Make You Want To Strangle Yourself With Your Intestines?

I screamed when the serial killer resembling Perez turned up on ‘Glee’ for Nationals. Why would a show that prides it self on stopping bullying and raising awareness on the issue hire the biggest and nastiest and most jealous bully of them all, Perez Hilton to appear on the show? It makes little sense but also reinforces my notion that after the season finale tomorrow, I shall stop watching ‘Glee’. To use this foul creature shows they have no idea what they are talking about.
And now to confirm Perez is a serial killer, here he is dancing in his undies with his Mum. You know he wants her………….

UPDATE – Perez just stated on his blog that the new video from Adam lambert looks like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ rip off………

FFS, he knows nothing. 2 seconds watching and all I get are ‘THX-1138′ analogies. He really should not pretend he knows anything about culture, because Perez does not.

HEAR – The Jim Steinman Song ‘Glee’ Should Have Sung At Nationals.

Annoyed me that they talked about the song they were doing at nationals was a Meatloaf song. FFS he didn’t write the songs, the wonderful Jim Steinman did. And they should have sung this song from him…..

They sung this……….

Even Gotye Hated ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ On ‘Glee’.

Well, since the mini break I have found the 2 episodes of ‘Glee’ total shit. Bad song choices, story going nowhere slowly, and fucking Quinn is still alive. Has been awful TV. So totally agree with Gotye about this song being crap. Actually, as the song seems to be betwixt lovers, having brothers sing it too each other was just fucking freaky strange right from the start…..

So, is Gotye sick of his own song?

“Sometimes,” he said.

“Not so much when I sing it. I don’t always look at all of the parodies and covers that people send me.

“It gets to that point where it starts to feel a bit self- conscious and I don’t want to hear any more people doing something with this.”

Glee gave the song a huge boost, but Gotye has mixed feelings about the version.

“They did such a faithful arrangement of the instrumentals but the vocals were that pop Glee style, ultra dry, sounded pretty tuned and the rock has no real sense, like it’s playing to you from a cardboard box,” he said.

The real thing……


Bill O’Reilly – Still A Douchebag.

He is such an idiot. And wrong, as per usual.

During the April 19 edition of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly hosted a segment attacking this week’s episode of Glee for featuring a storyline about a transgender teenager struggling with her gender identity. O’Reilly was joined by Fox & Friends’ Gretchen Carlson and Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Throughout the segment, O’Reilly and Carlson criticized Glee for encouraging “dopey kids” to experiment with homosexuality and possibly identify as transgender, comparing LGBT youth to smokers and “drug-fueled” celebrities:

The performance in question.

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