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John Key Reckons Marriage Equality And STI’s Are The Only Issues For GLT People.


………………..Quote from John Key at the Big gay Out.

Wow, just wow. First, it was marriage equality. Second, STI’s are such a strange thing to bring up whilst speaking to any group. Would he ask a Grey Power group tp lube as womens vaginas’ get dry as they age? Would you tell a Young Nats meeting to use condoms after they get women drunk and try to rape them after the meeting? Would he ever bring up sex with any group he was speaking to? I really do not believe so. Also, as I said at the time of ‘give them marriage and they’ll fuck up’ time, marriage equality was not an ‘issue’ for most gay people and is the least of our worries. As this recent research shows,

You’ve got the Movement Advancement Project saying there are “deep disparities” remaining for LGBT folk, “including an overwhelming lack of employment nondiscrimination protections, high rates of healthcare discrimination, poorer overall health, and poorer well-being.”
That powerful statement is backed up by a study from MAP, a think tank devoted to hardcore research into LGBT issues. The research, 2014 Momentum Report: A Snapshot of Progress and Setbacks for LGBT Equality, focuses on what’s transpired in 2014 in regards to LGBT well-being (or lack thereof). The released material also includes an interactive timeline of all the LGBT-centric events that came to us in 2014. Just click on the subjects to read more about them.
“At this time, LGBT people must navigate an unpredictable and nonsensical legal landscape. Same-sex couples can now marry in over a dozen states that otherwise lack almost any kind of other legal equality for LGBT people,” said Ineke Mushovic, executive director of MAP. “What this means is that a worker can get married over the weekend, then be fired on Monday because of his or her sexual orientation. Meanwhile, in over 30 states, a person can be denied service in a restaurant or denied housing because they are transgender.”


These are the same issues in NZ. He totally dropped the ball at the Big gay Out and drop kicked it into our faces.

NZ Theater Spectacular Legend Warwick Broadhead Has Died.

Warwick Broadhead’s CV

Wish List

For all beings (humans, animals, rocks, insects, plants, the atmosphere etc) to be well and happy
To experience as much as possible
To walk [with baggage carried by a porter. Potential porters should apply to Warwick]
To be at peace – along with the world
To give up wishing.. and Do


Well, sad news kinda, but he had such a very interesting life. He created such amazing art, constantly. He was one of a kind and he’ll never be bettered or equaled.

Woodenhead – Hospice for Destitute Lovers – music video from Florian Habicht on Vimeo.

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WATCH – ‘Hot Guys With Guns’ Trailer.

Finally. Cannot wait for this. The first gay action film.

Trailer for the indie feature HOT GUYS WITH GUNS…
Written & Directed by Doug Spearman.

WATCH – ‘Married And Counting’ – A Gay Couple Get Married In Every State That They Can.

A same-sex couple celebrates their 25th anniversary by getting married in every state they legally can. This is the trailer for an upcoming feature documentary. You can support it by becoming a fan at Starring Pat Dwyer and Stephen Mosher, directed by Allan Piper

WATCH – Trailer For ‘Turtle Hill, Brooklyn’ – A Gay Independent Film.

Will and Mateo invite their friends over to celebrate Will’s 30th birthday. Their friends’ (a mix of male, female, gay and straight) conversations soon cover a gambit of topics- politics, gay rights, pot laws, long distance marriages, aging and ethnic discrimination. As the party progresses, the alcohol flows, and the piñata isn’t the only thing that gets punched! And when things begin to get out of hand, a surprise guest arrives, not at all approving of the proceedings. It is also revealed that both Will and Mateo may have some secrets that threaten their relationship.

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