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Zimbabwe Gay Activists Back In Business As They Have Balls Of Steel.

Just incredible people. And focused on getting information out on HIV/AIDS. Wonderful.

The battle continues to assure basic human rights for LGBT people in Zimbabwe despite government harassment. The group Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) reopened its Harare office last month. The GALZ office had been closed after a police raid last August. Based on an interview with a Zimbabwean LGBT activist, the Washington Blade reported that GALZ, which has close to 2,000 members across the country, also continues to host HIV/AIDS workshops in Bulawayo. “When they raid our offices they think they are going to find pornographic materials,” the activist told the Blade. “When they come in there, they find it is a resource center. People are busy working.”

“I am told President Robert Mugabe’s party, ZANU-PF, is going to use the issue of homosexuality as one of their campaign tools,” the activist, who asked the Blade not to publish his name because he remains afraid of potential reprisals against him, said. He added his brother and most other Zimbabweans who oppose Mugabe will ultimately vote for him because of his strong opposition to homosexuality. “I strongly believe that they will use this issue to threaten the LGBT people in Zimbabwe. And they will do everything in their power to make sure that LGBT people are punished.”


WATCH – Al Jazeera Look At Attitiudes Towards Gay People Across Asia.

Al Jazeera’s show The Stream looks at changing attitudes toward LGBT people in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and across Asia. Asia seems to be used to describe half the world now.

Can Johnny Weir Shut The Fuck Up And Stop Enabling Gay Hate In Russia.

This is why H have an issue with Russia and their anti gay policy. if you are famous and gay and from another country you can do whatever the hell you like in Russia. but if you are gay and a Russian citizen you have ZERO rights. And if you fight for rights you will be beaten and arrested. And Weir the stupid fuck just enables Russian policy. Cannot stand the fucking idiot.

“I love Russia and there is nothing that will change that,” Weir said. “I’m a true patriot and spokesperson for their country. It’s appalling they can censor their public, but I try to do everything I can. I have been in talks with different LBGT organizations in Russia with how I can help.” When Weir and his husband were in Moscow last November for a competition, they posted pictures of themselves online sharing a kiss at various places in the city. Weir also acknowledged he’s treated differently because of the country’s appreciation of his skating. If he makes the Olympic team, Weir doesn’t want to make an issue of his sexuality, he said. For him, the Olympics should be about sport and competition. But he does have advice for gay athletes unfamiliar with the culture. “My advice would be: Watch what you do when you leave the Village, don’t be aggressive, don’t wear a big rainbow flag fur coat. If you don’t call attention to yourself, attention won’t come to you.” Then Weir added, in a way only he can, “I’m not going to be having sex in a Metro station. And if you are doing that, then maybe you deserve to be caught.”


WATCH – Honey Boo Boo is A Very Wise 6 Year Old.

I have really enjoyed the show based around Allanah and her family. Whilst their diet is crap and their health seems dodge, they are full of love and common sense.

Will ‘Marriage Equality’ End My Friends Getting Bashed On The Streets Of New Zealand?

Sigh. So, have had 3 friends bashed in the last 6 months. Has kinda thrown me for a loop. I have been doing the blog for 2 years now and when I started was the real start of the suicide of gays and violence against us in America. So, for awhile I covered the violence stories, but then they just got so prelavant I needed a break. And then in December last year my friends started getting bashed on the streets. And then another. And then last Monday a friend was kicked by 4 men in my home town hamilton whilst they screamed ‘Die, Faggot, Die’. Wow, where does that kind of hate and violence come from?

It’s learnt behaviour. It comes from the parents and environment and what is seen and heard and how ‘types’ are portrayed. Need a song break…….

When I was growing up there was little hatred for gays on TV or in the papers in NZ. Sure, they were underground but there was no anti-campaign against us. Now, turn on a TV or read stories about this ‘marriage equality’ issue and the hate, vitriol and false information being spread is enormous.

Research in America has shown this kind of hate speech being allowed in mass media has an effect on gay youth. Gods, it gets so tiresome for everyone. But 92% of gay youth say they hear negative opinions on themselves EVERDAY.

It is strange to grow up in a world when most of the messages around you are not directed at you. A world not geared for the way you see the world. It frustrates me that it is even worse to grow up in the 21st century in these conditions. you would not be allowed to go on TV and say Women or Maori are lesser people and do not deserve the same rights, but for some reason religious people are allowed to do this on Tv and in print and on the internet…..

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