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WATCH – Supposed ‘Devil Incarnate’ And ‘Internet Bully’ Tristan Baker Responds To Oz And NZ Media.

These stories about this guy really make he seem evil……

THE son of a top musician has been unmasked as this country’s most prolific internet troll and is being investigated by detectives for online “stalking’. Tristan Barker, 18, who has a track record of terrorising vulnerable members of the community, said his aim was to see how far he can push his 300,000-plus teenage internet-subscribed fans. But frustrated Melbourne police are unable to interview him because he is in New Zealand living with his star dad, Michael Barker, a former drummer of Split Enz and John Butler Trio fame. A News Ltd investigation has revealed recent Melbourne school leaver Tristan Barker has used internet portals Facebook and Twitter to encourage harassment and ridicule of everyone from Muslims, businesses, local and overseas celebrities, murder victims and people who have committed suicide as a result of online bullying. In an exclusive interview Mr Barker admitted to causing havoc online whilst high on “Red Bull and Ritalin”.

His response…..

An earlier repsonse. I like him.

WATCH – ‘Walking Dead’ As An 80’s Sitcom – Opening Credits.

Nicely done. Hope it stays good when it returns. The show is as up and down like a whores drawers in quality.

WATCH – ‘Old Dogs And New Tricks’ -S02E02 – ‘Bottom’s Up’.

Delicious. Leon does after sex really well. Muscles topping is wonderful and very true. Ass feels good. The ‘hearing aid’ gags are golden. I think Ross would have fucked him. Although he is so old school Catholic moral, the character actually probably would not. Really good episode. Thom is so gorgeous.

REVIEW – ‘Old Dogs And New Tricks’ – S02E01.

Yes, I have seen the first episode of Season 2, and my gods, it is back and it is brilliant. I find many web series are scared of change and growth, but no such fears about the Second Season kick off episode. Wow, just wow. Characters we thought we knew are now showing us many different shades. Nathan, especially, is showing a very real side that often happens when we meet a new ‘friend’. have seen it happen many times, and even have done it myself. Is all too real.

The partners of the ‘Old Dogs’ turning up is doing great things for the story. Doug Spearman is a fine actor, and his character, bringing the concept of a ‘San Francisco marriage’ into the mix have set up what I am sure will be great discussions on what we need from a relationship, and how sexing around can change our relationship in ways we can never foresee.

For me, ‘Old Dogs and New Tricks’ is the best comedy series on the Interwebby. No qualifications, no ‘for a gay themed show’ tacked on. Nothing amuses or resonates as much for me. I mean ‘Nancy Jew’, no-one is writing better, or as honest as Leon Accord. Very excited for the rest of the Season. More episodes, more length, more laughs.


MORE EVIDENCE – Janey Godley Is Comedy Gold.

She is just amazing. No bullshit at all with Goodley. Just wonderful.

One Scotland’s best comics takes on one of Scotland’s drunkest audiences and wins hands down. Subscribe to Dead Parrot for more –

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