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J’ACCUSE – The ‘Doctor Who’ Episode ‘Name Of The Doctor’ Was Not Leaked Early.



Oh, all I can say now is YAWN. It never happened. It was never leaked. The BBC did very well of trying to make people believe it happened. But after a day, most ‘fans’ knew it had not happened. Because, if it was a real ‘leak’, it would have gotten out. But it didn’t. And so, that is how we know it was fake. No spoilers, no story points. NO NOTHING,
So, was a fun weak, but it is all over indulging a fantasy leak. The episode was not released early. The episode was not seen early. It was all balls. But………………that seems to be what they have to do know. Because the actual episodes are just not good enough to make us watch. They need better writing. Less bollocks.
And on all the of the internet no spoilers, reviews or photos were posted?

WATCH – ’50 Shades Of Grey’ – The Penis Jousting Scene.


Best part of the book.

WATCH – The Cast Of ‘The West Wing’ Walk For Walking.


For Walking?

MEET – The ‘Gangsters’ Of The Internet.


Have been trying to find this again for awhile. Thanks George Takei I love it as well. Like this little shit………

MEET – One Pissed Off Garbage Man!


Wonder what was in the bin. Gonna go search..

Apparently was a joke on his bosses. Hmmmmmmm.

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