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‘Old Dogs And New Tricks’ Returns In A Little Over Two Months.

Jan 30. Cannot wait.


The award-winning, laugh-out-loud gay web TV comedy Old Dogs & New Tricks returns for a second season of 10 weekly episodes, beginning Wed., Jan. 30, 2013, at www.OldDogsNewTricksTheSeries.com.

The show, which just wrapped shooting, snared several exciting new guest stars for its sophomore year. Olympian Greg Louganis, soap stars Ian Buchanan and Terri Garber, and legendary gay actor Michael Kearns, join returning guest stars Thom Bierdz and Bruce Hart. And Noah’s Arc star Doug Spearman has joined the cast as a recurring regular.

LEGENDS – Let Bea Arthur And Rock Hudson Blow Your Minds With TV Drug Joy From The 70’s.


Always fun posting this. And Rock singing about Amyl Nitrate? Makes me hard.

Why Were People Expecting Julie Christie To Finally Make A Decent TV Show With ‘The GC’.


Why on earth are people surprised this show, ‘The G.C.’ is bad? Julie has never made a TV show humans with an I.Q. over 50 want to watch. The only people who ‘like’ the shows she makes are TV programmers and advertisers. Lets list her contribution to NZTV…………

This is Your Life, Changing Rooms,My House My Castle, Whose House Is It Anyway, DIY Rescue, Trading Places, Treasure Island,Game of Two Halves,Looking For Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska. The Chair, Burying Brian, and worse…….there is more you get the idea total SHIT.

One of her productions, ‘Scared Straight’, set a human being on fire and then tried to keep the disaster out of the media. She does not care about people. This is obvious if you talk to anyone who has worked for her. But people bitching that she has made another shit TV show makes me laugh. She has never, and shall never any make any other kind of TV but shit. And all, it would seem TV programmers want in that important 7.30-8.30 slot is horse shit. JUST DON’T WATCH PEOPLE.

Two Months Ago William Murdoch Pleads For Council Help Against Graffiti – And Yet…….


Doc MurdochLen Brown
Hey Lenny..you up for helping the kids clean up Vic Park..Hell us here Serenity Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Rehab and Skinny will pay ya 10 bucks for 15 minits of your time..of course we know Mayor Len your worth way more than 10 maybe 15….Thanks for getting stuff done for kids who love skate..parks..like the kids in this photo taken this morning Trash for CASH Sponsor by Skinny Serenity DC Shoes..you would think Len the council might sponsor it too mate? from feb 25







WATCH – Toddlers and Tiara’s Today: “Honey Boo Boo Child”…25 years later……


Drag Queens are cool…..

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