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The Lovely NZ Rock Pioneer Dave McArtney Has Died.



I first met Dave around 1998 when I was working at the Shakespeare and he was teaching English round the corner. I always loved his music, both with ‘Hello Sailor’ and his solo work so was totally in ‘heaven’. He was very much bemused and we hit it off well until he realized I found him smoking hot and wanted to root. Once we had sorted that shit out, we just always got on so well. He was a lovely, thoughtful man. And we always ran into each other lots after that with the huge return to the public eye for ‘Sailor’ after the turn of the century.

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Artist Sir Ralph Hotere has Died.



Many stories being told.


Alongside the Black Paintings series, which still continues, Hotere’s political works have also continued. When Aramoana, a wetland near his Port Chalmers home, was proposed as the site for an aluminium smelter, Hotere was vocal in his opposition, and produced the Aramoana series of paintings. Similarly, he produced series protesting against a controversial rugby tour by New Zealand of apartheid-era South Africa (Black Union Jack) in 1981, and the sinking of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior (Black rainbow) in 1985. More recently, his reactions to Middle-East politics have resulted in works such as Jerusalem, Jerusalem and This might be a double cross jack.

Old School Friend Graham Watson Has Died.



Oh, boooo. Went to Dilworth with Graham. He had a very sharp and twisted and funny mind. And was stunning. He was older and I was in the same year as his brother Nigel. He stirred so much at school, mainly for more rights for boys. he helped get us into mufti after school. He also had an affair with the Principals daughter. Well, either he or Nigel did.

His involvement with student politcs in Auckland was hysterical. When i ran into him around this time he was so delighted to see me and we had many a fun time. He still had a great mind. This is very sad news.


Hui Kahu From ‘The Patea Maori Club’ Has Died – WATCH A GREAT ‘GOOD MORNING’ INTERVIEW WITH HER.


Hui made me cry on set of ‘Good Morning’. I had some very intense interviews about awful events, but the only time I cried on set was when Hui would not let me leave the group when they did a Karakia and Waiata for us. I cannot put into words what an amazing and spiritual experience it was to be included with them. ha, tears are rolling now. Sad news. It should be raining.

The most memorable voice of New Zealand hit song Poi-E has lost her battle with cancer.

“Nanny” Hui Kahu, 73, died this morning at her home in Hawera.

Known best for her work as the vocalist and poi soloist for the Patea Maori Club, those close to her say her death has left a cloud over Taranaki.

Clive Barker Almost Dies From Dentist.



Clive Barker is recovering from a near fatal case of toxic shock syndrome. The British author, film director, and artist detailed his recent brush with death in a series of tweets earlier today.

“My friends, Clive here,” Barker wrote. “I’m at home now after a while in hospital, thanks to a nearly fatal case of Toxic Shock brought on by a visit to my dentist. Apparently this is not uncommon. In my case the dental work unloaded such a spillage of poisonous bacteria into my blood that my whole system crashed, putting me into a coma. I spent several days in Intensive Care,with a machine breathing for me. Later, my Doctors said that they had not anticipated a happy ending until I started to fight, repeatedly pulling out the tubes that I was constantly gagging on. After a few days of nightmarish delusions I woke up to my life again, tired, twenty pounds lighter but happy to be back from a very dark place. And here in the world I intend to stay.”
“I’ve books to write, films to make and paintings to paint. I seem to have come home with my sight clearer somehow, and my sense of purpose intensified. Thank you all for your messages.”

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