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NZ Theater Spectacular Legend Warwick Broadhead Has Died.

Warwick Broadhead’s CV

Wish List

For all beings (humans, animals, rocks, insects, plants, the atmosphere etc) to be well and happy
To experience as much as possible
To walk [with baggage carried by a porter. Potential porters should apply to Warwick]
To be at peace – along with the world
To give up wishing.. and Do


Well, sad news kinda, but he had such a very interesting life. He created such amazing art, constantly. He was one of a kind and he’ll never be bettered or equaled.

Woodenhead – Hospice for Destitute Lovers – music video from Florian Habicht on Vimeo.

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No Director Ever Straddled Stage And Screen As Brilliantly As Mike Nichols.

For me, the last scene of ‘Angels in America’sums up his humanity, and fierce intelligence.

Finding this very hard to write. So much of his art has moved me deeply. And, by gods, he created so much on stage and screen.

Hurlyburly,The Real Thing,Steamers,The Apple Tree, The Little Foxes,Nichols and May, The Graduate,The Gin Game,Wit,Spamalot,Closer,Whoopi,The Birdcage,Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,

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Chris Kelly Of ‘Kris Kross’ Has Died.

oh, wow, sad new, a young man. And didn’t we all jump to ‘Jump’. Seemed to be in every second movie.

Authorities in Georgia say Chris Kelly, a member of the 90s rap duo Kriss Kross, has died in Atlanta.

Investigator Betty Honey of the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office said the 34-year-old Kelley was pronounced dead around 5 p.m. Wednesday at the south campus of the Atlanta Medical Center.

Honey said authorities are unsure of Kelly’s cause of death and that an autopsy has yet to be performed.


Gardening Host And NZ TV Pioneer Eion Scarrow Has Died.

Met him once. Had strong opinions.

Gardening guru Eion Scarrow spent his final weeks advising the residents and staff of Apirangi Village in Te Kauwhata on how to deal with the drought conditions that threatened to scuttle the village’s gardens.

It was a fitting role for the man who dug a career from the earth, providing viewers of popular garden show Dig This with all they needed to know about producing the best vegetables and most beautiful flowers.

So when Scarrow died on Anzac Day the gardening world lost one of it’s most hardy soldiers – a man whose weapons of choice were a spade and pitch fork.

Scarrow, 81, presented Dig This from 1972-1986, he also presented gardening programmes on radio for 30 years, wrote columns for several publications and took garden tours to 90 countries as well as writing a total of 24 books.


Errant U.S. Bomb Kills 30 At Wedding In Afghanistan.


At least 30 members of an Afghan wedding party were killed and many more wounded when a U.S. plane bombed a village in the central province of Uruzgan today, Afghan officials and residents said.

The bombing happened today in a village in the rugged, mountainous region 175 km (105 miles) northeast of the southern city of Kandahar, residents said.

They told the local Pashtu service of the BBC at least 120 people had been either killed or wounded.

A Defence Ministry official said celebrants were firing into the air, as is traditional in Pashtun weddings.

“There was no-one to help last night,” resident Abdul Saboor told the BBC. “We managed to transfer some of the wounded to Kandahar in the morning. Some of the foreigners’ choppers also came to help.

“There are no Taliban or al Qaeda or Arabs here. These people were all civilians, women and children.”

Defence Ministry offical Dr Gulbuddin told Reuters: “More than 30 people were killed. It was a wedding ceremony and some of the participants were firing in the sky as part of the celebration. Americans have confessed that they made a mistake.”


In Washington, the Pentagon said at least one bomb dropped by Western warplanes had missed its target in southern Afghanistan today, but that it could not confirm claims that members of a wedding party had been killed.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said anti-aircraft fire was directed at an air patrol of “coalition warplanes” and they had responded with close air support north of Kandahar.

“At least one bomb was errant. We don’t know where it fell,” Davis said. “We are aware of reports of civilian casualties but don’t know if casualties were caused as a result of the bomb.”


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