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Clive Davis Comes Out Only As Bisexual – Sorry He Made All His Gay Artists Stay Closeted.

So, the scum bag piece of shit who has made many go into or stay in the closet over the years comes out as ‘bisexual’? Special place in hell reserved for chicken shits like this.

Clive Davis (pictured), the man who discovered or signed such musical icons as Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, revealed to talk show host Katie Couric on her eponymous show on Tuesday that he is in fact a bisexual, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Davis even admitted to the former news reporter that he has had two relationships with women and is still attracted to them stating, “You don’t have to be only one thing or another. For me, it’s the person.”


New York Times Changes Ed Koch Obit – They Suddenly Remembered He Was Total Scum.

Their original obituary had no mention of his failure to do anything about AIDS in the city at the start of the plague. Or that he gave jobs and contracts to friends. And that he was a total fucking asshole. The additions are, at the very least, something. As they allowed Ed to record his own ‘farewell message’, it would appear they were too far up his ass to look at his legacy with open honesty. The additions…..

Mr. Koch was also harshly criticized for what was called his slow, inadequate response to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. Hundreds of New Yorkers were desperately ill and dying in a baffling public health emergency. Critics, especially in the gay community, accused him of being a closeted gay man reluctant to confront the crisis for fear of being exposed. For years, Mr. Koch was upset and defensive about the criticism. In a 1994 interview with Adam Nagourney, a New York Times correspondent and co-author, with Dudley Clendinen, of “Out for Good: The Struggle to Build a Gay Rights Movement in America,” Mr. Koch said that New York had done more than San Francisco for people with AIDS. “But that never got through to the gay community,” Mr. Koch said. “They were brainwashed that they were getting shortchanged in New York City and in San Francisco they were getting everything. And it wasn’t true, but you could never convince them.” The scandals and the scourges of crack cocaine, homelessness and AIDS were compounded by a widening rift between Mr. Koch and black New Yorkers. The mayor traced his contentious relationship with black leaders to his first-term decision to close Sydenham Hospital in Harlem, where, he said, the city was paying too much for inadequate care. He would regret the decision.


LOOK – Anderson Cooper Finds A Bigger Power Bottom Than His Closet Ass.

Is common knowledge that closet cases are notoriously huge power bottoms as they try to work through their closety issues. By being fucked hard at every opportunity.

Whoopi Goldberg Heading To ‘Glee’.

But first, she shall come out of the closet. Or not. FROM TVLINE…...

Glee sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Oscar winning actress-turned-View master has signed on for an extremely pivotal multi-episode arc. Goldberg will play Carmen Tibideaux, a theatrical grande dame and a professor at New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) who travels to Ohio to preside over Kurt and Rachel’s auditions — and apparently she sticks around long enough to deliver a verdict: I’m told she’ll appear in roughly three episodes, the first of which is set to air on May 1. (Glee‘s season finale is set for May 22.)

‘Glee’ Kicks Anderson Cooper In the Closeted Balls.

Love it. So Matt Bomer turns up next episode as Darren Criss’s characters gay brother named Cooper Anderson. this is an unsubtle kick in the cock for CNN closet case chicken shit Anderson Cooper. Matt and Zach came out and they are busier than ever. By staying the closet you are killing people Anderson. And all respect is gone. Assphat.

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