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Can Johnny Weir Shut The Fuck Up And Stop Enabling Gay Hate In Russia.

This is why H have an issue with Russia and their anti gay policy. if you are famous and gay and from another country you can do whatever the hell you like in Russia. but if you are gay and a Russian citizen you have ZERO rights. And if you fight for rights you will be beaten and arrested. And Weir the stupid fuck just enables Russian policy. Cannot stand the fucking idiot.

“I love Russia and there is nothing that will change that,” Weir said. “I’m a true patriot and spokesperson for their country. It’s appalling they can censor their public, but I try to do everything I can. I have been in talks with different LBGT organizations in Russia with how I can help.” When Weir and his husband were in Moscow last November for a competition, they posted pictures of themselves online sharing a kiss at various places in the city. Weir also acknowledged he’s treated differently because of the country’s appreciation of his skating. If he makes the Olympic team, Weir doesn’t want to make an issue of his sexuality, he said. For him, the Olympics should be about sport and competition. But he does have advice for gay athletes unfamiliar with the culture. “My advice would be: Watch what you do when you leave the Village, don’t be aggressive, don’t wear a big rainbow flag fur coat. If you don’t call attention to yourself, attention won’t come to you.” Then Weir added, in a way only he can, “I’m not going to be having sex in a Metro station. And if you are doing that, then maybe you deserve to be caught.”




I did not even know what they were til this all exploded, but now, stuff them. terrible corporate behaviour and they are really treating NZ and Levi as if we do not matter. WE DO AND SHALL SHOW THIS BY NOT SHOPPING AT YOUR STORE ANYMORE.

Support Black March 2012 – Buy Nothing



Please read this all the way through and share/RT as much as possible. This shit needs to be stopped now. There are too many people that have no business in this field.

My dog dixie was killed by a well known trainer a few years ago, coincidentally by a man named Dan. Her loss completely ruined my life. It’s a very long story that really strengthened my views on animal cruelty and proper care for them. I exposed that guy for what he is (an animal abuser) and he is now out of business forever.

Today I have a first hand eyewitness account of a man named Dan Morgan, a dog trainer that operates a business in Chicago (Franklin Park) under the name CANINE WAKE UP (, abusing a dog under his care at an adoption event. When the dog that he was responsible for training peed on the floor, Dan Morgan repeatedly kicked the dog in the stomach, lifted the dog off the ground by his PRONG collar choking him, and called him an asshole before dropping him to the ground. Many people witnessed it and have been trying to do something to help but haven’t gotten far enough. I decided to try and call him and talk to him about it and of course he didn’t answer. I left him a message asking about his rates to train dogs and could not help asking if the choking and name calling were an extra charge. About 30 minutes later I received a phone call from him threatening me with violence and calling me a “FUCKING FAGGOT”. He claimed to be more of man then I will ever be and basically challenged me to prove it. I told him I will make sure I get the word out about him to which he laughed and said nobody can hurt his business because he has been doing this for 25 years. He says when a dog is bad they need to be punished like that, and that’s how he does it. He also said its a good thing the dog didn’t pee on his wife’s leg or it would have been way worse. When he realized I wasn’t some dog that was intimidated by his crap he tried to end the conversation. His last words were basically daring me to try and do something about it. While I would love to go choke the shit of this guy and hurt him gravely, let’s do this right and make sure he can’t continue to harm animals. If he would like to dispute any of these claims (choking the dog, kicking the dog, calling me a “fucking faggot”, threatening me, or saying his business was unbreakable) I will gladly pay for a lie detector test for him out of my own pocket. If he denies any of the accusations then let this scumbag prove it. There are too many people that think dog training is an easy way to make money. Unfortunately when they have our pets in their hands there is nobody to make sure they are treating them correctly.

Please spread the word on this guy and let’s make sure he can’t hurt another animal. I’ve got my checkbook right here to pay to let him defend himself under a lie detector test. The ball is now in his court to defend his horrible actions.

Waiting for your response..
-Bob Bryar (animal lover)






29,950 people support this campaign. Help us get to 30,000.
UPDATE: We’ve got 25,000 signers! Will you help us get to 30,000 to let PayPal know we won’t stop speaking up until they drop these 10 groups?

Thanks to PayPal, its easier than ever to send and receive money across currencies and continents – but it is also PayPal’s responsibility to make sure this technology doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. Anti-LGBT extremists all over the world are currently using PayPal to fundraise for their dangerous cause.

Not only is it against PayPal’s rules to promote promote “hate, violence, [and] racial intolerance,” hate groups also damage PayPal’s brand and credibility. We ask that PayPal join the fight against online hate and immediately shut down the accounts of anti-LGBT extremist groups using the service.


Ten Extremist Sites Served by PayPal

Abiding Truth Ministries (International)
Extremist group that makes the outrageous claim that “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic homosexuals.”

New Generation Ministries (Latvia/International)
Extremist church based in Latvia with branches in 15 different countries. The church’s members have been tied to the homophobic murder of Satendar Singh. In one video, at an anti-LGBT rally, church leader Alexy Ledyaev says, “homosexuals are not happy or spiritual people, because they were molested and abused in their childhoods, but that does not give them the right to abuse and rape others!”

Noua Dreaptă (Romania/Balkans)
Ultra-nationalist group that has been linked to organizing demonstrations and planning violent attacks on Pride celebrations in Romania and Moldova.

Truth in Action Ministries (formally Coral Ridge) (United States)
Extremist church that spreads anti-LGBT lies such as “bible-believing Christians would quickly find themselves unwelcome in Barney Frank’s new pansexual, cross-dressing military.”

Dove World Outreach Ministries (United States)
Infamous “Burn the Quran” hate church whose pastor preaches that “homosexuality makes God throw up.”

Julio Severo’s Last Days Watchman Site (US/Brazil)
Brazilian anti-LGBT leader and writer/ideologue who fled Brazil after LGBT activists brought a lawsuit against him for incitement of hatred. Julio regularly repeats the lie that 10% of gay people are pedophiles, and goes further to say that most gay men “drink urine, swallow feces and experience rectal traumas on a regular basis”, while they are “drunk, stoned or in orgies.”

Faithful Word Baptist Church (United States)
This church’s Pastor Steven L. Anderson has described gays as “sodomites” who “recruit through rape” and “recruit through molestation.”

Family Research Institute (United States)
Known for saying that gay people are predatory and diseased perverts who victimize children.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (United States)
This groups claims homosexuality is a “lethal behavior addiction,” a “dangerous” practice that is “neither normal nor benign.”

American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property (International)
International Catholic extremist group originating in Brazil and with active branches in Argentina and the United States. They are known for organizing homophobic rallies all over the United States and buying advertising asking people to “join the Crusade” of “conscientious resistance” to “the homosexual ‘moral revolution.’”

PayPal officially states that its users “may not use the PayPal service for activities that […] promote hate, violence, racial intolerance” but PayPal has become a favorite payment service for anti-LGBT extremists all over the world. PayPal must act immediately to shut down their accounts and ban all sites that promote anti-LGBT hate.

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