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J’ACCUSE – The ‘Doctor Who’ Episode ‘Name Of The Doctor’ Was Not Leaked Early.

Oh, all I can say now is YAWN. It never happened. It was never leaked. The BBC did very well of trying to make people believe it happened. But after a day, most ‘fans’ knew it had not happened. Because, if it was a real ‘leak’, it would have gotten out. But it didn’t. And so, that is how we know it was fake. No spoilers, no story points. NO NOTHING,
So, was a fun weak, but it is all over indulging a fantasy leak. The episode was not released early. The episode was not seen early. It was all balls. But………………that seems to be what they have to do know. Because the actual episodes are just not good enough to make us watch. They need better writing. Less bollocks.
And on all the of the internet no spoilers, reviews or photos were posted?

‘The Name Of The Doctor’ Was Also Supposedly Released Early In Canada And Still No Torrents.

I have noticed in the last few days random people turning up on ‘Where are the torrents of The name Of The Doctor’ forums stating they have the Blu-Ray but will not be downloading it out of some huge respect for Moffat and to ensure the ‘secret, extra scene between Tennant and Smith gets released’. Here are two such comments I have had here…..

Nikk – All of those people expecting for real WHOVIANS to upload this torrent to see early it’s just not going to happen. There is a reason we put up LOVE & MONSTERS for those who are too impatient to wait a week to see it on tv as it’s meant to be seen. I have the Blu-Ray’s, I have seen THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR and I know how to upload my BLURAY rips to the internet, but will not. I am very excited to be participating in this keeping spoilers off the internet. If anything, this week has proven that WHOVIANS have a strong connection to this franchise and am glad to be among those who are actively participating in remaining spoiler free for the rest of the world (the bonus clip for keeping it off the net is a nice bonus as well)

No, that is not quite what I am saying my friend. I am Canadian, not American. I do get the fandom and in response to someone else’s comment, the proof is on the internet, or lack thereof. We will get this bonus clip thanks to us who respect this franchise and I am extremely greatful that my fellow whovians who received the BLURAY’S have not spoiled it for those of you who have patience and a non-hate for Moffat stories as you suggested. Your reasoning is illogical and your faith in the human race to be able to resist putting something online just because we have access to it early is ridunkulous. lol Enjoy the moment folks for tomorrow night Doctor Who changes!!

But let us pause and think about this. So, apparently many people have received copies of the final episode. NONE of these many people have reviewed the episode, posted any screencaps, posted any gifs, have not discussed the episode or posted any spoilers or any episode recaps…………The above commenter may like to believe all fans are pathetic and do what they are told by media corporations. …..But I do not. I think there would be at least one fan would post spoilers. BUT ZERO HAVE APPEARED. So, even taking the non appearance of any torrents, we also have zero discussion about the contents of the episode at all anywhere on the internet? And that is why I call total bullshit on a leak having happened.

LEARN – Why No Torrents Of ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ Have Appeared?

So, it has been 3 days and still no torrents of ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ have appeared. ‘Love and Monsters’ turned up, and wasn’t that just designed to piss off fans. And then ‘Nigger Homos from Outer Space’, but still, no real torrent for ‘The Name of the Doctor’. At first I thought the ‘sending out the DVD’s early’ story was a total publicity stunt, but have had people swear black and blue they have seen the DVD. So………
The BBC may be running around getting sites to take down torrents that appear, but they still would have turned up on the secret internet, and there is still, as of now, nothing there either. Maybe we can assume the American fans don’t know how to convert their DVD’s to downloadable torrents? I wouldn’t. But after 3 days, nothing has appeared? I am back to calling fake on the ‘leak’.
But lets make a deal. I’ll give you the heads up if you give me a heads up? But by now, I feel a torrent shall not appear.

OMG WATCH – ‘Doctor Who’ Mentions Tegan Jovanka On This Weeks ‘Doctor Who’.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I screamed. Tegan was always me favourite the stroppy minx. And I used her name whenever I did alternative theatre in the 80’s and 90’s. How very very cool.

Two Years Ago, Lis Sladen Died.

So sad. Miss her. Still. Crying now.

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