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ATTEND TONIGHT IN WELLINGTON – World Art Games Charity Auction Hosted By Me.



The World Art Games, otherwise known as WAG, was developed over many years by Peter Weisz and Jasminka Blazevic Paunovic of Croatia.

2011 seen the first annual world conference where 22 representitives from around the globe came together forming the first start of the International agreement.
The aggreement

The agreement was one of an arts celebration, the start of forming committees and Boards within each country around the globe, within these National groups we would set forth to ensure our best Contemporary Artists over 15 completely different categories woud get there International stage Bi-annually.

The Games are seen as a universal bonding tool to develop relationships regardless of political views, race, sexuality and religious views. The declaration signed by the 25 founding countries bonds all nations to the same mission of tolerance, peace and participation found in the organisation and hosting of the games. It is envisioned that the Games will be hosted by a different country every two years.

The inaugural WAG will be held in Croatia in 2013 between June 29th and July 10th. It is expected upwards of 60 countries will take part in this festival of international art culture. The International Games committee propose to hold a number of events within a two week period spread across three cities. There will be an international exhibition for painters and sculptors, a week of theatre, dance and musical performances.


Come along and support the World Art Games Team NZ raise funds to help cover the costs of Attending the games in Croatia in June – July 2013.
Join us along with our guest auctioneer “Steve Gray” from 6:30pm for lite refreshements, auction starts at 7pm. For more info or to view auction items
visit we will be loading auction items over the next week so keep checking the site for updates if you wish to make an electronic bid
Please feel free to invite your friends or share with your networks, yet another way you can support the WAG Team NZ : )

Artist Sir Ralph Hotere has Died.

Many stories being told.


Alongside the Black Paintings series, which still continues, Hotere’s political works have also continued. When Aramoana, a wetland near his Port Chalmers home, was proposed as the site for an aluminium smelter, Hotere was vocal in his opposition, and produced the Aramoana series of paintings. Similarly, he produced series protesting against a controversial rugby tour by New Zealand of apartheid-era South Africa (Black Union Jack) in 1981, and the sinking of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior (Black rainbow) in 1985. More recently, his reactions to Middle-East politics have resulted in works such as Jerusalem, Jerusalem and This might be a double cross jack.

WATCH – ‘Immortalized’ – Project Runway For Dead Stuffed Animals?


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WATCH – ‘Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World’ On July 6.

Looks like it will cover a part of history that was not taught to me. And whilst I have read a little and viewed a few docos on islam, I do feel under informed on the history. this looks great!

Perceptions and ideas around Muslim identity and culture vary widely and too few are aware of the significant works of art and architecture that make up a large part of Islamic civilization’s legacy. Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World, is a new documentary from award-winning Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) that brings to life this legacy and will be broadcast nationally on PBS July 6th at 9:00 p.m. EST.
Narrated by actor, Susan Sarandon, this 90-minute film takes audiences on a global journey across nine countries and over 1,400 years ofhistory to present the stories behind the masterworks of Islamic art and architecture.
Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World is the ninth film by Executive Producers Michael Wolfe and Alex Kronemer and UPF (Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain, Prince Among Slaves). The film was produced to nurture a greater appreciation for the exquisite works of art that Islamic culture has contributed to humanity. “I believe all viewers, Muslim and non-Muslims alike, will bepleasantly surprised with what our film uncovers,” states Alex Kronemer. “As a window into an often misunderstood culture, this film has the ability to be a real catalyst for understanding and perhaps offer a new perspective on Islam’s values, culture and lasting legacy,” continues Kronemer.
The film will air on PBS as part of the new PBS Arts Summer Festival, a multi-part weekly series that will take viewers across the country and around the world.
Viewers of Islamic Art are presented with a kaleidoscope of exquisite works of art – from the opulent Taj Mahal of Agra, India, to the written word in the form of Arabic calligraphy with master calligraphers such as MohamedZakariya. A common theme linking each of the showcased works is the way each piece of art is so different from the next – exemplifying not only the beauty, but the diversity within Islamic cultures. Each masterpiece is a contribution to the larger narrative of just how much Muslims have contributed and still contribute to society.
Michael Wolfe says, “Never before have viewers had the opportunity to explore such richness of Islamic art and history with commentary from some of the world’s most renowned experts who have the ability to explain just why these works are so important.” “We hope watching the film will result in Muslims feeling a source of pride, aswell as celebration in their heritage,” continues Kronemer.
After its national television debut July 6th, Islamic Art will be available on DVD for $19.95 through
Islamic Art has already caught the attention of thought leaders who are calling the film an important contribution to documentary filmmaking about Islamic cultures.

WATCH – Neil Gaiman Does A Great Commencement Speech On ‘Making Art’.


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