Boy George Attacked In Night Club.

Eighties pop icon Boy George shows off a black eye, caused during a bust-up with a club-goer.
The 50-year-old former Culture Club frontman – now a successful DJ – was injured as he left the Amadeus nightclub in Northallerton, North Yorkshire on Saturday evening.
The star, real name George O’Dowd, was leaving the venue when there was an altercation with a female club-goer.

A spokesman for the star claimed: ‘George was leaving the club when, the club management have said, a drunken and aggressive woman lunged for his hat – and in doing so hit him in the eye.’

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The spokesman claimed that as a result of her actions, the woman was asked to leave the club.
The star posted the photograph on micro-blogging site Twitter, adding: ‘Looking pretty after being assaulted on Saturday night! Nice!’

VENTURE – Inside The Mind Of An Adommy Part 2.

So, some fantasist posted this here. Wow, that all makes little sense. But interesting to see the insanity spelt out. Get help.

Pauline says:
February 12, 2012 at 10:51 AM
I took my time and read through all the comments. I respect everyone’s views-I agree with some-but question others. With All Due Respect-This is my point of view! First off, I adore Adam-to me he is the BEST vocalist out there and I feel he will be iconic like MJ and Elvis-he has all the qualities to be that and more. I respect his relationship with Sauli, and I admire his brother-friendship with TJ. Remember Adam and TJ were inseparable for up to Adams 29th birthday! They were seen, photographed, and blogged about. They shared costuming on Halloween-and vacation together. They truly are best friends.
Adam and TJ have addressed the Adommy issue. For those saying TJ, is not doing enough-well he had fans post a pic of himself kissing Liz. Did anyone ever think that Adam and TJ have personally discussed this many times, and maybe Adam told him to just let it be! The point is NO ONE REALLY KNOWS so why are we arguing about it and pointing the blame to only TJ! For those saying that TJ DM them & he was flirting? I respect your post-and for privacy reasons understand why you would not share that post. TJ DM me and he was not flirting at all-he was very sweet and thanked me for a suggestion I had re: something musical. I don’t send him gifts or money or but I do think he is Adam’s biggest cheerleader who I see everyday retweets everything related to Adam’s posts on Twitter within a short time of Adam tweeting it-these are 99% related to his performances/his career/his interviews/etc. I have to say with Sauli being Adams boyfriend, I expected a little more from him in that department. I would love to see Sauli tweet Adams upcoming CD and other things. If that was me, I would be doing it-unless Adam asked him not too-who knows. But for those so quick to want to fire TJ-for what did he do SO bad to you? He’s not our friend-both Adam and TJ have said they are close like brothers-that they can talk about anything and share anything and never judge one another. That is a trusting relationship. We should all be SO fortunate to have a TRUE FRIEND like that in our lives! I can guarantee you when TJ tweeted on his birthday “THANK YOU” in BIG drawn out letters-Adam probably had asked him to be lead guitarist! And please don’t jump on me for saying that-like I said before. Maybe there is a GOOD reason TJ is not continuing to say something-both Adam and he may have good reason!

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