WATCH – Davey Jones Last Performance The Monkees Live DayDream Believer June 16 2011.


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This is one of the last live performances by The Monkees Filmed at the Beacon Theater New York City, June 16, 2011 with Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork.
I do not own this video. This historical video gem was filmed and posted by MaggieClarke which you can find on youtube. If you like it please visit her channel.
All Copyrights to this video belong to Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork and David Jones
Re-posted here as these videos have a tendency to disappear forever
Davy Jones well known singer / Actor from the hit TV show the Monkees died in Indiantown Florida where he lived at age 66. listed as a heart attack.
Davy Jones was born in Leamington Street, Openshaw, Manchester, England, on 30 December 1945. At the age of 11, he began his acting career, and appeared on the British television soap opera Coronation Street as Ena Sharples’s grandson, Colin Lomax in 1961. He also appeared in the BBC police series Z-Cars.On 9 February 1964, he appeared with the Broadway cast of Oliver. From 1965 to 1971, Jones was a member of The Monkees, a pop-rock group formed for a television show. Goodbye Davey , we will miss you

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Love it.

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God, total heaven. So wise. So beautiful. She’s so neat.

God, total heaven.

Wonderful Song.

‘Horses’ always makes me think of the brilliant, no THE BEST NZ film, ‘In My Father’s Den’. And of Jodie Rimmer dancing.

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