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National To Cut $3.8 Billion From Health, Education And Environment Spending.

Dear Gods, they cannot be reelected.

Findings in an independent analysis of the Government’s books, commissioned by the Green Party, reveal National is planning multi-billion dollar cuts to health, education, and environment spending over the next three years.

The analysis, prepared by Ganesh Nana of independent economic consultancy BERL, shows that National is stripping funding, in real terms, to the health, education and environment sectors to the tune of at least $3.837 billion over the next three years.

In Government, the Green Party will maintain real levels of funding in health, education and the environment to protect against inflation and ensure vital services are not gutted.

“National’s election promises are being underwritten by major cuts to health, education and environment spending,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

“National is being tricky with the books. This is a deliberate deception so National can claim a budget surplus when the reality is that hospitals will be under even greater pressure to cut services while every child in education will be worse off.

“At the time of the Budget in May, National brushed off criticism of these cuts saying they weren’t true. That was spin. National’s cuts to health, education and environment spending are real and damaging.

“National is attacking the elderly, the young and our environment with these funding cuts.

“BERL’s analysis shows National will cut health spending by 4.5 percent in real terms over the next three years. The cuts are actually 9.8 percent when you apply real health sector price increases.

“Education cuts amount to 1.7 percent over the next three years in total but are far more significant on a per pupil basis.


Prime TV Chooses To Play ‘Doctor Who’ A Week After The Rest Of The World.


Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 1: Deep Breath will screen in New Zealand on Prime on Sunday 31 August at 7:30 PM.

Who the hell programmes for Sky? Do they hate their viewers? Do they really think fans are going to wait a week until they finally show the show? Useless, audience hating amateurs.

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WATCH – #HearOurStory – Judy’s Story.


I love Judy, and this is good.

#HearOurStory speaks to people across the LGBTQ2S community about the issues that impact their lives. We kick off with Judy Virago, a trans woman living in Toronto. For information on Bill C-279 or to learn about Egale Canada, visit

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