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WATCH – ‘Horns’ Trailer.


REVIEW – How Is Peter Capaldi As ‘Doctor Who’.

I hated ‘Deep Breath’ Too much about Oswald and the Lizard and her lover and pet. Not NEARLY enough on the new Doctor. The dinosaur is silly, the villain is silly. Why does Moffatt only refer to his past stories, as if they re golden and the only ones who deserve it? Very saddened by the start, let us hope it gets better.

How Stupid Is Claudette Hauiti?

Very, very thick.

Claudette Hauiti has surrendered her parliamentary charge card after using it to pay for a Christmas trip to Australia.

The trip and other unauthorised spending on the card – known as a purchasing or p-card – led to the list MP returning it to Parliamentary Service in March.

Prime Minister John Key said in 2010 that the Government had “led the charge” on transparency of MPs’ spending.

But Parliamentary Service has refused to detail the mis-spending on Hauiti’s card or supply a total. It also took more than a week for Hauiti to return calls.

She admitted last night that she had used the card to pay for flights to Australia, which she said cost about “$200 and something”, but could not be more specific.

“I went to Australia. It was travel only and way outside Parliamentary Service guidelines.”

Asked if it was a personal trip, she replied: “Totally.” She then added: “Well, no, I went to meet with Maori in Australia who were registered on the Maori roll.” She has repaid the cost.

MPs have a separate travel card, which they are allowed to use for unlimited domestic travel on parliamentary business.

Hauiti, who is standing in the Kelston electorate, also blamed staff for some of the unauthorised spending.

“There were issues with my purchasing that neither of my EAs [executive assistants] were able to give me a steer on . . . it got a little bit too difficult for me to get my head around and I volunteered it back. They did not confiscate it.”

The spending included refreshments for a hui held on a marae. “I thought these were quite relevant and within Speaker’s rulings . . . I can’t honestly tell you what the full spend was. I don’t know how you are going to get the full amount.”

Hauiti fell foul of the rules in March by employing her wife, Nadine Hauiti-Mau, in her Auckland electorate office.
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MPs are banned from employing a spouse or partner and Hauiti-Mau was sacked after working as an “issue assistants” for more than a year. At the time Hauiti said she “didn’t know the rules”.



Watched ‘The Flash’ Pilot Yet?

Leaked last week. As I don’t watch ‘Arrow’, don’t see me including this kinda childish show in my viewing schedule.

Russell T. Davies Trio Of Gay TV Shows Hit Production FINALLY.

So glad these are going ahead, but no word on his partners health, so shall assume he is better. Cannot wait for these shows, adore davies so very much

It’s been a while since filming for Russell T. Davies upcoming gay themed dramas, Cucumber and Banana began for both Channel 4 and E4 and now some casting has finally been announced for the series.

Julie Hesmondhalgh, best known for her role as Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street, which she left back in January this year has been cast as the sister of the main character, Henry. This is the first TV acting gig that Hesmondhalgh has been signed for since her departure from the cobbles and it’s nice that we will see her back on our television screen pretty soon.

The cast of Russell T Davies’s new E4 drama series Banana has been announced.

Attitude contributor Andrew Hayden-Smith, Waterloo Road actress Georgia Henshaw, Top Boy‘s Letitia Right, Hannah John-Kamen from Happy Valley and comedian Bethany Black have all landed roles in the series, which promises to show viewers “50 shades of gay and beyond”.

Speaking to Attitude this morning (June 6), Hayden-Smith said: “I’m so excited to have been cast in Banana. I can’t say too much, nor would I want to spoil it for you even if I could, but I think viewers are going to really like what Russell has written and the way the show reflects gay life today.”

Banana is billed as the “partner drama” of Queer As Folk creator Davies’s new Channel 4 series Cucumber, and will tell eight stand-alone stories in 30-minute episodes.

Two of the stars of Cucumber – Freddie Fox and Fisayo Akinade – will also make appearances in Banana.

Banana‘s characters include Scotty, a young lesbian pursuing an unrequited love; Dean, a 19-year-old who has an affair with an enigmatic man from Newcastle; Sian, who is struggling to choose between her lover, Violet, and her over-protective mother Vanessa; and Helen, who’s being hounded by a needy ex.

Russell T Davies has written three episodes of Banana himself, and the series’ writing team also includes Great British Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins.

Davies said in a press release:

“The joy of Banana is in the beautiful, charming, witty and sometimes heart breaking stories of a wide variety of characters, be they gay, lesbian, transgender or anything in-between. The fact we have a bunch of brilliant and wildly talented young people in it, and making it, will give it even more bite and an exciting edge.”

Shooting on Banana is due to start next week in Manchester. Meanwhile, the main cast for Cucumber was announced last month (May), and includes former Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh – click here for further details.


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