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Police Will Investigate The Fractured Elbow Of Protester At Pride Parade.

Well, let us hope this happens quickly. Hate to link to the Stuff story that last night referred to the protester as ‘transvestite’. The incorrect terms used for trans humans is widespread and awful. At least they apologized and corrected the too common error.

Supporters say a transgender protester had her arm broken at Auckland’s Pride Parade.

Police said one person was arrested after a brief incident. Police were investigating “alleged injuries to a protestor”. It was not clear whether the arrested person was the same one with alleged injuries.

Three people climbed through fencing as police, supporting the parade, were marching past.

They resisted attempts by parade marshals to keep them off the street and police, who were not marching, briefly tussled with them.

They were handcuffed and led away, with police later saying one was arrested for “breach of the peace”.


NZ Herald Ignores Injured Protester At Pride, Revels In Police Participation.

The parade largely went off without a hitch.

The only disruption to the parade was a vocal group of three who protested the police contingent.

Protester Tim Lamusse said police had a history of targeting queer communities, “particularly in the 60s, 70s and 80s, they would turn up to gay clubs, make everyone come outside and shame them in front of everybody”.

The protest was poorly received by the crowd, which responded with calls of “you’re ruining the parade!”.

Lamusse said police never apologised for their past prejudices and “they continue to beat up queer kids”.

One of the protesters was arrested and later treated by St John staff for injuries she suffered during the arrest.

The NZ Herald cums in their pants over police marching in (NO Gay) Pride Parade. It is all about them….

Thousands of people lined Ponsonby Road tonight for the third and largest Auckland Pride Parade.

The parade is seen as the high point of the Auckland Pride Festival and was the first year police staff were given permission to march in uniform.

They were led by Assistant Police Commissioner Alan Boreham, riding police horse Captain, and followed the Defence Force’s Overwatch float.

Policeman Matthew Putt, 22, was one of around 70 officers who marched in the parade.

Being able to march in uniform was “just another step forward for police in general,” Putt said.

“Not a lot of people here are gay. It’s really just about valuing diversity and supporting it.”

He said he had never had a problem being openly gay in the police.

“It’s probably been better for me just in terms of breaking down barriers.

“I’ve never found that it’s affected me negatively at all.”

Wow, just wow.



Corporate Pride Parade Allows Violence By Parade ‘Security’, Arm Broken Of Trans Women, Medical Help Denied For 15 Minutes.

Well, what an awful night. As we are all aware Trans men and women are not housed in the appropriate prisons for their gender identity. It is an appalling practice that needs changing NOW. So it makes perfect sense that their was a protest tonight at the Auckland Pride Parade against the Corrections Department who refuse to change the idiotic policy. The protests last year directed at the ridiculous decision to allow the Israeli Embassy to ‘parade’ was perfect as the tradition of ‘gay parades’ in NZ was to protest the lack of any rights for the GLTI community in this country. The reaction last year to the protest from the ‘organisers’ was just awful, dragging the protesters off the road.
The events tonight are despicable, yet perfectly illustrate how out of touch with reality this event organisers are. Little Pakeha ‘sums’ the grotesque events up…..

What it’s about is three people who went to protest the police presence. One of the three, Emmy, is a Maori trans woman (and a friend of mine, full disclosure. I also know at least one of the other protesters and they are both super solid people). Security and police targeted her when the three jumped a barrier. They broke her arm. A bystander was filming this and was subsequently arrested; when they asked why they were told he was “being a twat”. Then they arrested Emmy too. It took forty five minutes of her screaming in pain from her broken arm before they decided to get her medical attention. As of quarter to nine she’s just arrived at Auckland Hospital with one of her fellow protesters, she’s been given gas but is still in pain.


To not allow medical assistance is foul. To allow her arm to be broken during an obviously far too aggressive removal from the parade route/arrest is foul. To not allow them to protest, which should be a tenant of the event is foul. I am so angry this happened.
The event is not for any group but corporate interests to parade how very ‘down with the gays they are’.
Our youth are still killing themselves in record numbers. Many Trans humans are still on the margins to a dangerous extent. Marriage equality changed nothing for so many people. This (don’t mention gay, don’t protest, no sex or sensuality allowed) parade is homogenized shit. I can’t write anymore, my head is throbbing with anger or sorrow.

UPDATED = Word is spreading that is was one of our own security people who broke the protestors arm. Well, at least they will be arrested and charged with assault. But why the hell were they allowed to be so violent an arm was broken? What orders did the parade organisers give them?

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WATCH – Interview With The 14 Year Palestinian Girl Arrested And ‘Interrogated’ By Israeli ‘Police’.


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