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WATCH – ‘Getting On’ Season Two Trailer.

Great show.

MORE PROOF – John Waters Is The Man.

I so agree, being single as a choice is totally frowned upon by society.

John Waters just isn’t the marrying kind, and he knows that makes him unfashionable. “Single men who could get married but choose not to, are now up there with straight couples who could have kids but choose not to.” And while he’s thrilled that people in his home of Maryland can now marry, he’s just as proud of campaigning against the death penalty as he is on work for marriage. “I think I was more likely to get one of them [the death penalty] than a marriage proposal.”


WATCH – The Skivvies and Matt Doyle – ‘Breakup Song Medley’.

Love them.

WATCH – Leopards Are Cool.

The people filming this are idiots.

READ – Ronald Moore On Why No Jamie Cock On ‘Outlander’.

Because the penis is sacred.

I don’t want to call it disappointing editing, but we came so close to seeing all of Jamie but didn’t! Since this is Starz we’re talking about, do you ever foresee going there with one of the male characters? (And by “there,” I mean the full enchilada.)
Yeah! I mean, we don’t have anything against it. It always depends on what we want to do in these scenes. Does it distract you? Does the scene become all about that suddenly? In the second time they have sex and she says, “Take your shirt off, I want to look at you,” and he looks at her, if he had been standing there with an erect soldier, it would have been what the scene was all about all of the sudden, and that wasn’t the point of that moment. We wanted you to be with them as people not just going, “Wow, I can’t believe they showed that on television!” I just think it would have taken you out of it. That’s not to say in future episodes there isn’t a time where it would feel more natural and it would feel more appropriate to what we’re doing.

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