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WATCH – Panti Bliss Does A TED Talk.

Kinda sad, actually, she really wants to be able to live a straight life. Don’t conform to them, make the world the way you want it to be and make it right for everyone to live in. Oh that’s right, she is Irish. Maybe taught self loathing by the Catholic church?

Brilliant Gay Character Actor Taylor Negron Has Died.

Loved it when he played angry. Great range, and so funny. Bloody sad news.

Negron was born in Glendale, CA on August 1, 1957, the son of Lucy (née Rosario) and Conrad Negron, Sr., a former mayor of Indian Wells, CA. He studied with Lee Strasberg and even had a private comedy seminar with Lucille Ball. Negron interned for Ball when she was 68 years old and he was 19. Negron told KCET, “I learned from Lucy that you never get what you really want and you have to be flexible.” Further adding what he learned about comedy from her, “What I learned from her was what she learned from Buster Keaton – know your props, know what you’re doing, know where the exit is, know the entrances, know where the camera is. Get there early. Know everyone on the set. Do not pull any funny business. Be a professional.” Negron started stand-up when he was in high school, getting a spot at the Comedy Store and began cutting his as an extra in movies.

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Chic Littlewood Has Died.

Dammit, he was a classic all round entertainer. Sad news.

Born in England, Chic arrived in New Zealand in 1964 and worked in a bakery to begin with but quickly became involved with all aspects of entertainment.

Since his television debut on Have a Shot in 1964, Chic has appeared in practically every New Zealand light entertainment show ever produced from Happen Inn to Go For It. As well as a dozen and at least 500 afternoon appearances with his old sparring partner the puppet Willie McNab, writing and presenting the popular children’s shows: Chic-a-boon and Chic Chat. He was also in the series The Mckenzie Affair.

In recent years he has appeared on Shortland Street for three years as Laurie Brash. And has made guest appearances on Hercules and Mercy Peak.

LOOK – Lynx Tv Ad Has Gay Kiss Choice – And No Mention Of Marriage.

Fucking brilliant ad, no judging, just kiss who you want, fucking adore it.

PROOF – John Key Does Not Understand Irony.

Nicky hagar’s house is raided by police. Cammy Slater gets sensitive information leaked from his office to besmirch his opponents. Is he serious? FFS, the sooner the revolution happens the better.

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