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WATCH – ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Trailer.


WATCH – Meryl Streep ‘Sings’ In The First Scene Clip Released From ‘Into The Woods’.

Imagine if they cast people who can sing in musicals? It may seem simple and obvious to us, but they keep casting actors and it screws musicals up. Majorly. And with the news ‘No More’ has been cut, Rapunzel does not die, and most of the cast is being played by non-singers, I am not expecting much.

WATCH – Whoopi Pays Tribute To Mike Nichols, The Director Of ‘Whoopi’.

I saw this when it came out and was blown away. Watching Whoopi try to pay tribute to the man who did start her career has me crying again.

‘Imagine’ Celebrities Stopped Getting Together To Guilt Us.

Why do some of them look like they are straining to do a shit? This is a simple song of hope and possibilities. Have no idea who half of them are. So many very sad eyes.

No Director Ever Straddled Stage And Screen As Brilliantly As Mike Nichols.

For me, the last scene of ‘Angels in America’sums up his humanity, and fierce intelligence.

Finding this very hard to write. So much of his art has moved me deeply. And, by gods, he created so much on stage and screen.

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