WATCH – The T-Mobile Royal Wedding.

Air New Zealand, this is how you do a trendy, buzz making video.

WATCH – ‘OPERATION 8′ – Trailer.

On October 15, 2007 activists around New Zealand woke to guns in their faces. Black-clad police smashed down doors, dragging families out onto roads and detaining some without food or water. In the village of Ruatoki, helicopters hovered while locals were stopped at roadblocks. Operation 8 involved 18 months of invasive surveillance of Maori sovereignty and peace activists accused of attending terrorist training camps in the Urewera ranges — homeland of the Tuhoe people. Operation 8 asks why and how the raids took place. How did the War on Terror become a global witch-hunt of political dissenters reaching even to the South Pacific?

So, Catherine Zeta Jones Is Diagnosed With Bi-Polar Disorder, Treated For 5 Days, And Is Now ‘Cured’?

Nothing about this story makes any sense. I have never heard of anyone being ‘cured’, and certainly not in 5 days. Alot of the language the MSM are using with this story is crap, and untrue.
Here is a definition………..
Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depression, is typically lifelong and recurrent, Miklowitz said. Some people have their first episode in childhood, others later in life; the majority, during the teen years. Some people experience episodes every few years; others are in and out of episodes constantly.

Bipolar I is characterized by severe manias, said Miklowitz, during which people either “feel on top of the world” or irritable and angry. They sometimes feel like they have superpowers or heightened perception; their thoughts race and they’re loaded with energy. Usually people with bipolar I swing between this manic state and a “flip side” of extreme depression during which they slow down, feel sad and lose interest in activities they usually enjoy (including sex). They can suffer from fatigue and insomnia, and can become suicidal.

People with bipolar II swing from severe depression to a milder and briefer manic state called hypomania. They aren’t impaired to the extent that folks with bipolar I can be. “People notice a change, but it’s not extreme,” Miklowitz said.

None of those descriptions can be treated in ‘5 days’.
Will keep you posted as sure the story will develope…..

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 Kicks off in the UK

2010 BGT hopeful, Janey Cutler

2010 BGT hopeful, Janey Cutler

Britain’s Got Talent 2011 has started in the UK.  But this year it’s different! Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan have gone and in their place are comedian Michael McIntyre and The Hoff.  Looks like we’ll be in for some treats again. Of course who can forget the darling granny from last year, Janey Cutler. She bombed in the final but was amazing throughout the series.

Here’s a taste of the first episode…  Just watch…. And you can watch more of the auditions on this youtube channel


WATCH – SNL – ‘FOX and Friends’.

All very true.

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