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ABC Thinks Men Should Bash Women, But Not Kiss Each Other – Chris Brown On ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

I have been keeping away from this story, but gloves are know off. So ABC pulled Adam off all their shows after he kissed a man.
Chris Brown smacked the living shit out of Rhianna, had a tantrum backstage at ‘Good Morning America’ last week, screamed and broke a window……and what happened? He was invited back to GMA, and has just performed on ‘Dancing With the Stars’, another ABC show.
What the mother fucking titty Christ is up with that? It is not just anti-gay, they are enabling a known violent woman beater, and by asking him back, making it seem fine to Chris.
His new album is shit anyway, and I really, really hope people boycott ABC until……………..well, actually, forever.
What they are saying, to me, Is that it is fine to get agro, break things, and beat the tar out of a lady. But not kiss a man.
Here is the host of DWTS on Ryan Seacrest talking about how ‘uncomfortable he feels………….

Here is the wanker.

Translated for all the Finnish Sauli fans…………….Käännetty kaikki suomalainen Sauli faneja………………..

Olen ollut pitää pois tämän tarinan, mutta käsineet ovat tietävät pois. Joten ABC veti Adam pois kaikki näyttää, kun hän suuteli miestä.
Chris Brown smacked elävä paska pois Rhianna oli kiukuttelu backstagella “Good Morning America” viime viikolla, huusi ja rikkoi ikkunan …… ja mitä tapahtui? Hänet kutsuttiin takaisin GMA, ja on vain tehtävä “Tanssii tähtien kanssa”, toinen ABC show.
Mitä äiti vitun titty Kristus kanssa? Kyse ei ole vain anti-homo, ne mahdollistavat tunnettu väkivaltainen nainen vispilä, ja pyysi häntä takaisin, joten se näyttää hyvin Chris.
No, FUCK niitä ja FUCK UGLY kusipää Chris Brown on.
Hänen uusi levy on paska muutenkin, ja olen todella, todella toivon ihmisiä boikotoimaan ABC asti …………….. hyvin, itse asiassa ikuisesti.
Mitä he sanovat, että minulle, että se on hienoa saada maatalouden, rikkoa asioita, ja ehkä tervan pois nainen. Mutta ei suudella miestä.
Tässä on joukko DWTS Ryan Seacrest puhumme siitä, miten “epämiellyttävä hän tuntee ………….

Sauli Koskinen Has Entered The Country………And Who Knows What Else – Adam Busted His Hand, Not Head.

So, Sauli and Adam went to Lady GaGa yesterday. And Adam has hurt his hand, not his wrist dancing. Sweet.
They are a HAWT couple.

DAMN – Universal Dumps The ‘In The Heights’ Movie.

Booooo. Apparently the $37 million price tag was too expensive, and even though the film would have had PR and the like stars in smaller roles, they seemed to think Lin-Manuel Miranda was not a big enough ‘star’ to get bums on seats.
What a fuck off. ‘In The Heights’ has been my favorite new musical of the last few seasons. But at least they did not recast Usnavi, and cast someone like mario Lopez.
Really REALLY hope another studio pick the project up.

“I have had nothing but a positive experience with Universal Pictures,” he said in a statement. “We weren’t able to make the film version of In The Heights together, but I’m looking forward to working with them in the near future. Moving forward, I’m excited to explore other options to make the In The Heights movie a reality.”

The Broadway musical ran nearly three years and won four Tony Awards, and its first tour ends in Miami on April 3.

WATCH – Your Dad Is Gross……….

Those are some big panties…………..

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