WATCH – ‘Doctor Who – The Day Of They



More. Oh River, you rock.

WATCH – ‘The Problem With Saints’ – By Neil Gaiman.


My Boyfriend.

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Closet Case Jim Parsons Will Play Gay On Stage – But Not Life.

What I mean he is not open in his life. And how bizarre he is doing Larry Kramers’ ‘The Normal Heart’ on Broadway. A great, classic piece, but kramer is so political and active for gay rights. Ama little surprised he used him. Am sure if he had a choice he may have gobe another way. And not used a big chicken closet case in such an important piece.

Happy Birthday Russell T. Davies.

Some people hate your guts, but I think you are cool. And ‘Queer As Folk’ was totally groundbreaking. You’re neat and now 48. Cannot wait for new ‘Torchwood’.

Russell has written some classic moments.

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