WATCH – Reality Mashup with Jeff Probst.


WATCH – ‘The Karate Kid 5′.

He looks fine.

WATCH – Bird In Trouble.


Today Is TheRealSteveGray.Com’s First Birthday.

Opps, shit it is just checked.
Thanks to Mark and Dave who got all this started and are just the best support. And they are both very hot. You guys made this happen. Love you forever.
Thanks to James who has been a tower of strength and the prefect example of a really good ‘old friend’. And he is very hot. You so rock dude. Appreciate what you have brought to my life.

I’d like to thank my Mum…..

My Dad.

My Grandparents….

My Sisters….

My Boyfriends.

My Friends.


My younger brother.

But especially you, surfer, viewer, visitor who comes to this site.
You are an early adapter, sexy, easy, a drinker, like dope, like sex, like fun. And you get a massive amount of thanks from me.
But it’s all good, because tonight, I’m fucking you………

DON’T WATCH – Westboro Baptist Church – GOD H8S

The ‘antichrist’ thing is for the Westboro Church, not you. This vid also acts as an interactive FAQ. The cult members answer the most questions/arguments they get on the “picket line.” 19 of the most common misconceptions about the Bible dispelled, they say. Intermixed is their GODH8SCAMPAIGN pictures.

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