Hey, NZ AIDS Foundation, Here Is Another Example Of A GOOD AD.


Because, as we know, your ads are shit.

U.S. Government Prepares To Shut Down.


This shit is for real. They have no budget.

The White House Office of Management and Budget sent a memo to federal agencies telling them the game plan if a spending agreement can’t be reached by midnight Friday. The bottom line:

Friday: All federal employees are expected to report to work as normal. The White House plans to inform federal agencies if a new spending bill is likely to be enacted. If the White House believes a spending bill won’t be enacted by midnight, federal agencies must tell employees who will be furloughed “that they are prohibited…from performing any work over the weekend pending further notice.” They won’t be allowed to work from home, use government-issued BlackBerries, cell phones, computers, or laptops, in almost all cases. They can, however, use that government equipment to perform “shutdown-related activities.”

Saturday, Sunday, or Monday: The White House Office of Management and Budget will notify federal agencies that the government has in fact shut down, and that shutdown procedures should be implemented. Furlough notices will have to be sent to federal employees on the next scheduled work day. These will likely be sent electronically whenever possible. Furloughed employees could have to go into work “for up to a half-day” to conduct an “orderly shutdown.” This could mean things like “receiving and acknowledging receipt of an electronic furlough notice and adjusting voicemail and email to reflect current work status.”

PROOF – Piers Morgan Loves Simon Cowell.


Oh, who doesn’t. Those nipples are to die for.

WATCH – The Brady Bunch Lost Episode – ‘Oliver Twist’.


Fucking nuts. And very well done.

WATCH – A Depressed Kitten in a Bucket.


Just what it sounds like.

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