WATCH – Tyga Feat. Adele – ‘Reminded’.


‘Glee’ Season 2 Is All About Santana.

Love Kurt, sure, but for me, the stand out character in season 2 has been Santana. Out as a gay teenager, she is now destroying Britney for rejecting her. maybe a slut to cover and deflect from her gayness? Just amazing writing.
I adore and salute you Naya Rivera.

More. Ignore fish sticks…..

LOOK – Out Footballer Anton Hysen Talks Sense.

Love him!

WATCH – Nicki Minaj – ‘Super Bass’.

Hot men. And better than usual from her………

A Post For Tuk…………..

Because I love him, even when he comments that I have a ‘fat ass’. Cunt. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Oh, Adele.

Now, Dance.

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