Kieran Hutchison, The Gay McKenna, Returns To ‘Shortland Street’.

Good. Since the murdering lesbian left, And Vasa got no Nurse sex, it has been very straight. ‘Like ‘Go Girls’ level of fake straight.

From GayNZ.

Hutchison has told the Herald’s Time Out the call from Shortland Street asking if he would like to return to set came “out of the blue” and presented a good case for him to move back to New Zealand with his American wife and their son, after living in Los Angeles since 2002.

“I had heard from friends that my character had been mentioned in storylines after Rachel came back and I heard through Facebook that I was in a car crash.”

Hutchison has been working on the TV show One Tree Hill, and has had guest spots on CSI, Castle and in small movies.

But will he still be gay?????

My Boyfriend.

Oh, yeah. Wrap ya laughing gear around this, mate………..

BSG Fans – Want A Thrill……….

Well, after all she said about Starbuck becoming a lady, this makes me happy………..


‘American Idol’ Producers Shit On Gay People.

So EW did an excellent story on why no gay contestants out on ‘Idol’ whilst ‘The Voice’ has many.

“American Idol is about finding the next singing superstar. While sexual orientation is irrelevant to the competition, the decision to reveal sexual orientation has always been a choice made entirely by each individual contestant.”

Jesus titty fucking Christ….

If someone is straight all ya hear about is the fucking partner and kids, especially if they have an illness. ‘Idol’ is this now………..

And James sings just as badly.

And not saying Tim is gay. Just do like fucking hot Mormons.

‘Bette Midler: THE SHOWGIRL MUST GO ON’ – Coming To DVD.

Sweet. ‘Live At Last’ is so one of my fav live albums of all times, and she is still a fantastic performer.

From Broadway World…………

Image Entertainment, Inc. (OTCQB: DISK) has acquired the home entertainment and digital rights to Bette Midler: THE SHOWGIRL MUST GO ON, the legendary star’s triumphant return to Las Vegas. The New York Times exults, “Like all great showgirls, she [Midler] may wear sequins like a second skin, but the woman underneath is all flesh and blood, humor and heart.” The $10 million extravaganza played over 100 performances in a two-year run at the famed Colosseum at Caesars Palace. The announcement was made by Image Entertainment’s Chief Acquisitions Officer, Bill Bromiley.

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