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WATCH – ‘The Comeback’ Season 2 Teaser.


WOO HOO – ‘Black Mirror’ Gets A Christmas Special.


Like a lump of coal chucked among the chintz of Christmas, Charlie Brooker is bringing back his dark, dystopian satire Black Mirror for a festive special on Channel 4.

The special is a single feature-length tale with three intertwined storylines. “I always enjoy a good ghost story at Christmas, and I’m a sucker for the Amicus compendium horror movies of the 70s,” Brooker told the Radio Times. “Our aim is to create the Black Mirror equivalent of that.”

Channel 4’s head of comedy, Phil Clarke, described it as “a dystopian future festive tale, that intertwines three stories to deliver a dramatic and thrilling twist. It’s satirical, comic, disturbing, and thought provoking.”

Black Mirror has had two series of three separate episodes each, exploring a variety of vivid possible futures, featuring robot boyfriends, replayable memories and – perhaps less feasibly – the prime minister in coitus with a pig.


WATCH – ‘Doctor Who’ – Into The Dalek Trailer.

Is an OK episode.

WATCH – ‘The Bojack Horseman Story’ – Episode One.

Is all up on Youtube.

WATCH – ‘Broke Straight Guys’ Goes Documentary Styles.


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