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Is Perez Hilton A “Silly Ass Faggot Needle Dick”?

No, he is trash, total white trash who has major mental health issues and bullies all and sundry and hates it when he gets it back. Awful, toxic man. And he is a needle dicked bug fucker.

Soul singer Alexander O’Neal has walked away from Celebrity Big Brother UK after receiving a formal warning by producers on Saturday for directing an anti-gay slur at gossip blogger and fellow housemate Perez Hilton during an ongoing feud.

The Daily Record reports:

Tension had been brewing between the pair since early in the morning, when Hilton woke O’Neal with his persistent coughing.

“What the f*** are you coming up here coughing all around me for?” O’Neal yelled.

Later he confided in housemates: “That’s what he wants. He’s blowing kisses at me … He wants me to kick his ass.”

As the other celebrities in the Big Brother house urged Hilton to keep his distance, he instead followed O’Neal into the lounge room and stared at him silently.

“I know what you want, but you’re not going to get it. I know exactly what you want. And in America, you know what you’d get, don’t you? You want that now, but you’re not going to get it. You’re taunting me. You’re coming over here, you’re following me, you’re bothering me,” O’Neal said.

“You’re not going to say one word. You’re just going to sit there with that silly-ass f***** look on your face.”

Housemates reacted immediately, with one responding: “No no no no no no no!”

“He called me the F-word, which is incredibly offensive,” Hilton said, recoiling.

The photos of him crying are gold.


God Tries To Kill The Pope Because “He Is Such A Dick”.



A plane carrying officials from the Philippines crashed just minutes after Pope Francis’ own aircraft had cleared the runway.

The small passenger plane was carrying 11 people, some of whom are thought to belong to the Catholic leader’s entourage, when strong winds from tropical storm Mekkhala hit the aircraft causing it to veer off the runway, overshoot the tarmac and blow its front tyres.

None of the passengers are reported to have been hurt, but Tacloban airport was closed by officials as Mekkhala approached.

Pope Francis was in Tacloban to speak to the thousands of gathered Catholics, as part of his tour.

HEAR – Jeremy Jordan Covers ‘IT’S ALL COMING BACK TO ME NOW’ .

Better than the original.



WATCH – Betty White Gets Flash Mob For Her 93rd Birthday.


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