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Catholic Church Supports Discrimination Bill Against Gays In Northern Ireland.

Haven’t they wrought enough carnage and misery in the country already?

The Catholic Church has voiced its support for a ‘conscience clause’ bill in Northern Ireland that would permit anti-gay discrimination.
DUP minister Paul Givan has tabled a bill in the Northern Ireland Assembly that would effectively exempt people with ‘strongly held’ religious convictions from equality laws– allowing them to discriminate against gay people.
A delegation led by the Bishop of Down and Connor met the DUP to discuss the measure this week.
Bishop of Down and Connor Noel Treanor, said politicians need to address the fact that there is a problem, reports the BBC.
The Church of Ireland’s Changing Attitudes Ireland spokesman Canon Charles Kenny commented, saying: “The negative effects of the proposed conscience clause will increase unreasonable and oppressive hostility towards our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fellow citizens. We believe this proposal is viewed by many people of faith and by others as a straightforward attack on LGBT community and it is not consistent with the loving and inclusive message of Christianity”.
Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International said in a statement: “What is proposed is not a conscience clause, it is a discrimination clause.


‘Broadchurch’ Renewed For Season 3.

Haven’t seen the last episode of Two yet, but presume the Eve Myles ‘killer’ storyline will be left up in the air.
ITV has renewed Broadchurch for Season 3.

The broadcaster confirmed that Broadchurch will return for Season 3 at the conclusion of tonight’s Season 2 finale in the UK.

Series stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman will both return for Broadchurch Season 3.


Joan Rivers Was Not ‘Snubbed’ By The Academy – She Was TV Trash.

All this talk of a ‘snub’ of Joan. She was not in the Academy, she appeared in 4 movies and directed one, hardly enough to be remembered. She made her name on TV being foul to women about the clothes they wore. She was classless and cruel. She had no place being remembered at the ceremony.

An Academy rep responded to Rivers’ omission with a statement: “Joan Rivers is among the many worthy artists and filmmakers we were unfortunately unable to feature in the In Memoriam segment of this year’s Oscar show. She is, however, included in our In Memoriam gallery on”


Even her foul, clueless comments on Palestine did not help her….

Just as Rivers made headlines a few weeks ago for ranting about how the Palestinians “started it” to TMZ cameramen, she again shouted her opinions at them yesterday when confronted at the Los Angeles Airport. “When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead, you deserve to be dead,” she yelled, offering no sympathy for the civilians who have died in Gaza, including children. “At least the ones who were killed, were the ones with very low IQs,” she said.

LOOK – Ponsonby Police Station And ANZ Covered In Pink Paint.



Oh dear, the glitterati gays will shit themselves. So, after their balls up of the ‘pink washing’ last week, when it took 3 days for their message to get out that a protest group did this to protest the corporatization of Pride, it would appear the group have struck twice this morning. At least they are sure to be noticed this time. Believe the Police will be very very angry. Their statement after the first ‘pinkwashing’…..

Tena koutou,
On Thursday night our group “Queers Against Injustice” targeted an ANZ GAYTM with pink paint symbolising pinkwashing, attaching an accompanying manifesto outlining our reasons.
When we woke up we found articles by the NZ Herald and reporting the GAYTM had been attacked with white paint and quoting passers-by as being offended at the homophobia implicit in the vandalism.
This “vandalism” was represented as unethical and homophobic in all media representations. The perpetrators were described as “ignorant” and “intolerant”. All the reporting on the GAYTM ignored the political nature of this “vandalism” and framed it as homophobic. This misrepresentation happened through a lack of awareness on the part of the reporters supported by probable concealment of the accompanying message by ANZ, who tweeted a photo of the GAYTM with the poster on the ground.
Pinkwashing, a term we defined and outlined in the attached poster, describes the way that institutions co-opt LGBT struggles to distract from and disguise unethical behaviour.

We targeted the Ponsonby GAYTM firstly to draw attention to the commercialisation of the Pride Festival. As queer subjects, we object to the representation of queer identity in terms of consumptive and wealthy citizens. Associating queer politics with personal banking within a gentrified area reduces the queer subject to a bourgeois, cis-gender, white, male subject, and in doing so reproduces many of the intersecting injustices by which queer subjects are marginalised. We sought to draw attention to the lack of representation of bodies that counter the racist, classist and cis-biased nature of Pride.
By renaming their ATM a GAYTM, ANZ reproduces the frequent sidelining of queer subjects who fall outside of the ‘gay’ sexual identification, and as a result are further marginalised by the politics of ‘tolerance’ practiced by institutions such as ANZ.
Secondly, we sought to draw attention to the way ANZ is using GAYTMs to distract attention from the treatment of their workers. The recent strikes by ANZ workers occurred in response to ANZ’s attempts to implement demands for ‘flexibility’, in the form of irregular rostering and frequently shifting labour demands. These proposed reforms attack workers’ rights to control their own time outside of their normal work hours, and constitute an assault on precious family time, time in the community, on religious or personal lifestyle choices, and the dignity of autonomy.
We understand that the political and theoretical discourse that foregrounds the intersectional basis of queer subjectivity, attending to the ways race, class and gender cooperate with and exacerbate queer oppression, is often overlooked in favour of a positive outlook. This outlook attempts to portray queer identity as purely fun, consumptive and nationalistic, and in doing so bars critique from within.
We can understand the media’s interpretation of this as a homophobic act, because being an angry queer subject who disagrees with the co-opting of our identity is irregular in the face of Pride’s projected homonormative and aforementioned presentation of the queer figure.
However, the immediate interpretation of our act as homophobic vandalism, rather than as critique from queer subjects themselves, reflects the heteronormative discourse that truly permeates our society. The media has assumed from the outset that we are not queer, an assumption we have become used to in the heterosexual society we are made to live, yet which we are also incredibly sick of.
It is disheartening that the representation of our symbolic pinkwashing of the GAYTM has been manipulated into an act of hatred and complicity. This misrepresentation reinforces the image of tolerance that ANZ has spent a lot of money marketing to us. It is very difficult to learn that the representation of our action has produced feelings of pain amongst the queer community. We intended for our action to function as a reminder of the oppression still faced by countless humans globally: from those in Palestine subjected to pinkwashing by the Israeli state, to working class subjects around the world forced into precarious situations by the capitalist economy.
We encourage all queer subjects to remember that, despite the gains of Pride, discrimination will continue to exist for many others both outside and within our community and what would truly create a semblance of pride is the dismantling of all hatred.
Kia kaha and expresions of tautoko to all subjects both queer and straight who seek this same agenda.

Gay Activism Exposes Vastly Different Values Within GLTIdom.

So, it is becoming a game of he said/ he saw. I love this game said nobody. So trans activist Steven Oates posted his ‘eye witness’ account of the protest on facebook.
An interview with one of the protesters here.

Ok so I am gonna put my head on the line here a wee bit, but I feel I need to as this article actually makes me a bit angry.

I love my Maori/Pasifika trans sisters and brothers more than anyone and my track record in supporting them speaks for itself.

These protesters (may) have a very valid point and I totally agree that trans people are mistreated by the prison system. I know in the past and probably still today they are mistreated by the police. I totally support them in their fight for equality and justice.

However…….this article/press release contains lies. The statement he is referring to here.

Myself and a bunch of others were across the road watched the whole thing unfold right before us and we watched it from start to end.

So now, the arm has been fractured and the protester is in pain…..

It did not take 25 minutes for medical help to arrive as stated. Yesterday I read a press release form them stating they did not get medical help for 45 minutes (they have obviously changed their story a bit). St Johns was with them within minutes. I think >REDACTED< may have timed it and said it was 11 minutes. To me and others it seemed like about 5 minutes or even less. St Johns were stationed near by.

Lets say it took 10 minutes for help to ‘arrive’, he says himself they were really close. Why the hell did it take 10 to 15 minutes when they were right there next to the ‘event’. Why were they not there straight away? And when you are in pain this would seem so much longer. He is even told by someone else there it took at least 11 minutes, yet still STATES it seemed quicker, when he was told it was at least 11 minutes. And this is what was happening……

A police person on top of her, three security guards and silver coated Carnegie from GABA doing….whatever she was doing. You can hear her screams, wonder if they could hear them from across the road?

The young Maori trans woman was not ” … noticeably targeted by security” as they have stated. She was being the most aggressive and fighting back when they tried to move her off the road. In no way at all did it seem like any security was like “lets get her coz she is young Maori and trans”. This in my personal opinion is totally playing the racist / transphobia card. The protesters were aggressive and defiant.

“The protesters were aggressive and defiant.” – It is a protest. This is what they do. I kinda don’t find their behaviour that confrontational at all. And go defiance. I wish the video wasn’t edited so heavily.

From our view which was directly on to the whole incident not once did any of us think/say that unreasonable force was used from a security or police stand point. They had to be moved off the road and they were refusing to move. So they were physically escorted off. If I were in charge of security / police I would have instructed them to do exactly what they did.

So, if he had his way he would have instructed them to be so violent they injure the protesters? Jessica Christ, that seems lacking in empathy and quite cold. Can’t have the Parade disturbed, do anything to get the yucky protesters off. How tone deaf.

Heather Carnegie did not “assault” any of them at any time. She did try to help escort them off the road and she looked like she was a bit pissy that they were sticking an ipad/iphone/camera in her face and filming it so she did grab it and tossed it several meters away. It seemed to me like after they were off the road and settled down she was actually concerned with the wellbeing of the young trans woman and seemed to be checking is she was ok etc.

Why was she even involved. Apparently the security were well trained, (sic), so what the hell was she doing getting involved at all??? It had nothing to do with her as the head of GABA, she was a member of the public getting involved as far as any of the ‘highly trained professionals’ were concerned, and she should not have been involving herself with the protesters in the first place. And how on earth does he know what she was saying to her as she lay in pain? She says…..

: Heather Carnegie denies acting violently, stating “At no time did I personally struggle with any of the protesters, who were the ones being violent resisting security and police efforts to get them off the road, and I am surprised to hear of this idea.”

She certainly seems to be pushing a protester off the street in the above photo.

As I mentioned, I support them in what they are fighting for. I absolutely support peoples right to peaceful protest. I totally acknowledge that transphobia is a huge and serious issue, but I don’t support these protesters lying in order to get sympathy.

Well, no sympathy from him or many of the many others who have commented on social media. Lying? Sympathy? How about empathy? Any sympathy for the women who was injured? This story could have been presented with his view of events minus the commentary and accusations of lying. Watching from above and being so far away would not really give him any idea of what it was at all like to be in the middle of it.

Perhaps they can engage with the Pride Festival in a more constructive way next year. March in the parade and publicise their message??? Just a thought.

I am looking forward to the float next year showing medications slowly wearing off and people transitioning back, prison rape, prison violence and abuse. It is a PROTEST FFS, it does not fit into the ‘Parade for Pride’ narrative that is being pushed. The one event we ALL can agree on is a protester was injured. The Parade organisers have shown zero concern that their staff did this. In fact, the Parade media coordinator stated “thats what you get” and ‘what did she expect, hugs and kisses”. Well, she certainly didn’t expect a fractured arm.
What this has really shown up is a huge gap within the gay world between all the parties involved. One is really hurting, one is really upset their parade was ‘interrupted’. The lack of concern about the violence is staggering in its’ coldness. The person responsible for the injury needs to be charged STAT. The hatred of the protesters is everywhere and just lacking in any concern or humanity. The disgust that 3 people ‘dared’ to protest seems so middle class and antiquated and classic pearl clutching behaviour. How will be be perceived by the ‘straight world’? Well, I think for many thinking people we are being perceived as cold heated bitches. The Parade is already ‘family friendly’ to a ridiculous degree. The ‘sex’ has definitely been taken out of ‘homosexual’. The selling out to corporate interests is complete. To dump so much hatred and abuse on the many people who feel disenfranchised by the organization will only breed more, and deeper resentment. How to combat this, well, actually caring about the injured women and not support the person and events that injured her would seem to at least be a start………….

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