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WATCH – Conchita Wurst Rocks Live TV.

She rocks.

WATCH – The Heterosexuality Experiment.

People are stupid.

WATCH – President Obama Signs Executive Order on LGBT Workplace Discrimination.

This morning, President Obama signed an executive order barring discrimination against LGBT people employed by federal contractors.

Said Obama:

“It doesn’t make much sense, but today in America, millions of our fellow citizens wake up and go to work with the awareness that they could lose their job, not because of anything they do or fail to do, but because of who they are — lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. And that’s wrong. We’re here to do what we can to make it right — to bend that arc of justice just a little bit in a better direction.”

MUSIC – Röyksopp, Robyn – ‘Do It Again’.

Love her.

Documentary ‘Golf Alpha Yankee’ Exposes Extreme Anti-Gay Laws In Iran.

The documentary Golf Alpha Yankee exposes extremely harsh anti-gay laws in Iran.

Homosexuality in Iran is legally punishable with imprisonment, torture and execution.

Golf Alpha Yankee “provides an intimate immersion into the world of LGBT people from Iran, who were forced to flee their home country, and are now waiting in limbo in conservative Turkey as asylum seekers with the United Nations. They hope to receive resettlement in the west, where they may one day be free to love without penalty.”

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