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WATCH – Honest Trailers – ‘Fast Five’.

Love their work.

WATCH – Chris Colfer On ‘Bitter Party of Five’.

The cast of the webseries Bitter Party of Five originally got together for a sure thing – Downwardly Mobile, the Roseanne Barr/John Goodman sitcom pilot last year. How could that not go to series? But it didn’t, so they embraced their friendship and created the only show they could finance themselves, a webseries about uncomfortable celebrities talking to them. This week, Chris Colfer stops by the show to visit his Glee stepmom, Romy Rosemont, who wants to know what the multiple-threat-Colfer can do to make her life better.

LEARN – Why I Am Very Very Jealous Of Adam Lambert.

He is friends with Megan Hilty. This makes me green with envy. I imagine them having small gatherings where the sing and laugh and dance and sing. But mainly, I would just love to hear them sings together. They both have such power house voices. Together, they could move the earth.

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WATCH – Bette Midler – ‘Art, Or Bust’.

So the 80’s.

Julie Andrews Coming To Auckland – Do NOT Expect Her To Sing.

And if she does, more like vocalizing and little high stuff. STILL, SO ADORE HER. WHAT A LEGEND.

For the first time ever, Julie Andrews, the face – and voice – of Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music will appear on stage in New Zealand in June ON THE FOURTH. An Evening with Julie Andrews will take the audience on a journey through the life and career of one of the world’s most popular icons.

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