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WATCH – ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ – The TV Series Trailer.

Wow, everyone is back. even jingoistic douchebag Bradley Cooper, shame, could have done without him.

Everytime Time Gays Get Married, Somebody Is Not Fisted.

Great article. This awful spread of heteronormative behaviour does my head in, so destructive. In America the only accepted gay image is white, upper middle class, married, adopted children and not camp, like Anderson Cooper and NPH and Matt Bomer.

Used to describe something that’s been around much longer than the word itself, the phenomenon of homonormativity is considered by many to be destructive to the queer rights movement and to the larger queer community.

Homonormativity is a word that addresses the problems of privilege we see in the queer community today as they intersect with White privilege, capitalism, sexism, transmisogyny, and cissexism, all of which end up leaving many people out of the movement toward greater sexual freedom and equality.

So what does it mean, and more importantly, how does it manifest in our everyday lives?

First, let’s examine it’s counterpart, heteronormativity. This is a word that similarly describes the evaluation of “normal” sexuality that we see in our culture, from the policy and institutional level down to the interpersonal.

Much is being written about heteronormativity, which describes the assumption and promotion that heterosexuality is the only “normal” and “natural” orientation out there, privileging those who fit the norm and positing anyone outside of this as abnormal and wrong.


WATCH – ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Trailer.

Strange trailer. Hope Agatha is in it.

England Maybe, Sometime Pay Tribute To Gay Victims Of The Holocaust.

As a majority of countries in the gross ‘Commonwealth’ still persecute gays, this would be a start for England showing a mosicum of respect due gay people that the British have happily repressed and legislated against for centuries.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has become the first senior politician to back the inclusion of gay victims of Nazi persecution in a national Holocaust memorial.
Speaking to PinkNews on Holocaust Memorial Day, the Lib Dem leader paid a moving tribute to the gay victims of the Nazis and to the pink triangle which he said has evolved from “a badge of shame” to “an international symbol of freedom and pride”.
Responding to a question from PinkNews on the importance of remembering gay victims of the Nazis, Mr Clegg said: “Today we remember the millions of innocent people who lost their lives in the Holocaust, one of the worst genocides known to man. Their crimes, nothing more than the way they were born.
“As we pay tribute to them, we must never forget the tens of thousands of gay people who were so brutally persecuted and executed at the hands of the Nazis, simply because of their sexuality.”
Mr Clegg added: “The symbol of the pink triangle, once intended as a badge of shame, today stands as an international symbol of freedom and pride. From the dark shadow of history rises a neon emblem of diversity and hope.
“Any memorial remembering the Holocaust should recognise the persecution of non-Jewish victims whilst maintaining the centrality of the six million murdered Jews.”
Benjamin Cohen, the Chief Executive of PinkNews will say in an article to be published alongside Mr Clegg’s: “Keeping the pink flag flying as an act of remembrance to the persecution of gay people by the Nazis matters now more than ever. In 2012, the last gay survivor of the concentration camps, Gad Beck died. We owe it to his memory to constantly be telling the story of the Nazi’s persecution of gay people.


Kid Cudi Playing Gay In ‘James White’.

Good on him.

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