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NZ Theater Spectacular Legend Warwick Broadhead Has Died.

Warwick Broadhead’s CV

Wish List

For all beings (humans, animals, rocks, insects, plants, the atmosphere etc) to be well and happy
To experience as much as possible
To walk [with baggage carried by a porter. Potential porters should apply to Warwick]
To be at peace – along with the world
To give up wishing.. and Do


Well, sad news kinda, but he had such a very interesting life. He created such amazing art, constantly. He was one of a kind and he’ll never be bettered or equaled.

Woodenhead – Hospice for Destitute Lovers – music video from Florian Habicht on Vimeo.

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WATCH – ‘How Green Was My Valley’ By John Ford.

Try not to cry.

MORE EVIDENCE – Janey Godley Is Comedy Gold.

She is just amazing. No bullshit at all with Goodley. Just wonderful.

One Scotland’s best comics takes on one of Scotland’s drunkest audiences and wins hands down. Subscribe to Dead Parrot for more –

Dear Melissa Maerz, A Time/Warner Employee Who Dislikes The ‘Gay Lifestyle’.

In Her review for ‘Entertainment Weekly’, Melissa Marez seems to have an issue with gay life. READ IT HERE.

I shall not argue her ‘points’, just the obvious judgmental and/or hate statements.

1. First just change every reference to gay or gay lifestyle to a reference to race and/or colour……..I’ll wait. It makes for quite judgmental statements when viewed form the ‘race’ angle.


“Adam Lambert might be the only American Idol alum who considers purple eyeliner a daytime look…..

Reinforces view that men should not wear make-up. Not sure if Melissa usually writes about music, but their is a kinda large history of men in music wearing make-up. Not just the great early New York punk bands, but every artist that made 70’s music so brilliant in England raided his girlfriends make-up bag. So actually, many men consider any makeup ‘acceptable’.

3. So it’s hard to understand why it took him so long to make his big gay dance-club album……..

Not a straight dance club album, only for ‘gay clubs’? Why does she presume, because he is gay he only made this album for gay people, or it should or shall only be heard by gay people? Seems a very separatist view.

4. Even after he came out in 2009, the eighth-season runner-up didn’t stop flirting with the straight crowd, indulging in classic-rock guitars and gender-neutral pronouns on his debut, For Your Entertainment………….

He was always out. Remember FOX News showed a picture of him with his tongue half way down a mans throat? So I don’t really believe he can be accused of ‘lying or hiding’ from the straight world in a clever attempt into listening to his ‘gay music’. This whole view that music is made for one ‘type’ of person or music is gay is very limiting. And do ‘straight people’ only like ‘rock/love songs’? Her language is so judgmental of everyone involved as a audience.

5. But on Trespassing, he’s left the closet far behind — defending gay marriage (”Outlaws of Love”) and celebrating what happens when two consenting adults love each other enough to share their safe words (”Chokehold”).

Look, I could continue with a line by line dissection, but you get the idea. She ends with faint praise whilst bemoaning the fact he talks about gay life as if it is a normal thing that should be discussed in polite company. Why is she so angry about a gay man singing about his emotions? Why can she only view him a gay man and not just as a human being? Why does she credit the collaborators for all the success for the ‘terrific’ first half, but the complete album is a failure because he veers off into ‘gay laden emotion’? How are emotions gay, or defined by his sexuality?

Cheer up, Glammy. It’s nothing a little makeup remover can’t fix……

So much wrong with that can’t even begin………except it makes me mindful of this great writing from ‘Torch Song Trilogy’……

Try and imagine the world

the other way around.

Imagine every book, every magazine,

every tv show, every movie

was telling you you should be homosexual.

You know you’re not.

In the World According to Melissa Marez, it would seem there is no place for ‘a gay life’. Shame she believes the world should be so limited and spreads her views in a national magazine and website………..And a shame Time/Warner allows casual employees to express such repressive, antiquated and reductive views of the modern world.


REVIEW – ‘The Most Fun You Can Have Dying’ – In NZ Cinemas Now.

Young and charming but with just a few months left to live, Michael “borrows” money raised for his treatment and heads overseas, intent on being carefree and irresponsbile with no ties or attachments. All goes to plan until he meets Sylvie, a beautiful and engimatic young French woman.

I so do not miss reviewing movies. Took up so much time, and few were worth the effort. And sine I stopped reviewing I have only seen 2 movies. This one and ‘Boy’. I really enjoyed ‘The Most Fun Could You have Dying’. Any film about cancer seems bound to be all miserable and dreary and annoying. What rot. Having a disease is more about living with it than dying. And that is what this film does well, presenting a celebratory view on life.

I am not going to do a synopsis review. Tis a nice, simple premise. Hedonistic guy with incurable cancer decides to actually, really take control of his life after a hard fought windfall gives him power. I was expecting some hetero love story vomit burger premise, but the film is really funny and wise. And true. I loved the depiction of drugs, often the downfall for lesser films. Matt Whelan, apart from never showing his cock despite several opportunities, attacks the lead role with a fearlessness that gives the film it’s honest heart and graceful charm. It really is a role that shows he is of world class quality. Funny and true, I know this is going to ensure his start on the world stage.

The film is not the ‘kissy girls are cool shit fest’ I was expecting. It is a layered, honest film that had me delighting in the recognition of behaviour and reactions. It made me feel joy at life, which is always a rare pleasure now in cinema.

I judge NZ films now on how good they are compared to the classic ‘In My fathers Den’. This is an easy 8 out of 10 and the best NZ drama since ‘In My Fathers Den’. DEFINITELY WORTH SEEING AT THE CINEMA. If you don’t see it, you are a dick. And have made a poor choice.
Seriously. attend ‘The Most Fun You Can Have Dying’. Is about men, friendship and life. 3 things I love.

Oh, and off the record……Pana Hema Taylor is stunning. His lips are like wine. His eyes could be drowned in. He is breath taking.

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