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MESSAGE – To All You People Tweeting About ‘X Factor’…….

Seriously, grow some taste, child. Here is some good Kiwi music not from a franchise.

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VOTE – Green Candidate Marama Davidson in The Ikaroa-Rāwhiti By-Election.

The perfect candidate! I know this electorate is obsessed with Labour, but as a political force, it is obvious they are spent. They are being a useless opposition, so why would they presume to think they can run a decent government? Marama is the perfect candidate. VOTE FOR HER PLEASE.

When I share korero with whānau, with communities, with rangatahi and especially with wahine I throw up our responsibility to speak out if we have to.

Until only recently, I took for granted the cheek with which I find and create platforms to speak up for the wellbeing of our whānau and our environment. So many people, particularly women (and of all backgrounds, age groups and experiences), have flagged to me their discomfort with laying their neck on the chopping board of having a voice.

This is wrong, but not of our women. It is wrong that so much of our wairua is at risk when we attempt to ensure that our matriarchal kaupapa Māori perspective is part of the mix of our political dialogue.

So when a huge door was opened for me to stand for the Green Party in the Ikaroa-Rāwhiti byelection, what am I to do? Me – who will take all opportunities to ensure a wahine Maori voice is an integral part of our debates? I will commit myself to this honour and rare opportunity, is what I will do.

As an uri of Tūwhakairiora, as a supporter of the environmental campaigns that are being driven by our people, as a long-time campaigner for strong communities – I am totally devoted to this stand for the issues, for my people and for the Green Party in this race.


Media3, Backbenchers, Q&A and The Nation To Be Cancelled?

This story ran this morning on The Daily Blog……

The Daily Blog tip line is running hot that NZ on Air has pulled funding for Media3, Backbenchers and Q&A. If Q&A is seriously on the block then that means The Nation will also be for the chop.

If this sudden axing of every current affairs show on all networks is happening, either two things have occurred…

1: NZ on Air has gone mad and decided to kill off all current affairs in the lead up to an election year and will have done so under vast amounts of pressure from the Government who don’t want the risk of any critical media in what will be a close election.


2: Richard Griffin has managed to pull off the greatest coup for public broadcasting since the creation of Radio NZ.

I think – and this is simply a guess – I think that the sudden pulling of the funding for all these shows means that Richard Griffin’s vision of a Radio NZ TV station utilizing the down time of Parliament TV is about to be realized and launched.


Wow, do they have the balls to cancel them all? In one foul swoop? And to set up a Political channel? Will be fascinating to see how this plays out.

DANCE – Tahuna Breaks covers Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.


MARCH – Against Monsanto May 25 Around New Zealand.


“The world is waking up to Monsanto and its negative influence in the global food supply. These marches are a symbol of the growing resistance and mood for change,” said Green Party GE spokesperson Steffan Browning.

“Fewer and fewer companies control more and more of our food chain and their interests are in making money, not feeding people good food.

“Monsanto is one of the most dominant companies in the food supply. They are focused on pushing genetic engineering and have a terrible reputation for suing farmers and influencing countries’ laws.

“We need a food system that works in the interests of people, not corporations. The huge support for this global action shows that the people want a better way.”

Details of March Against Monsanto:

Details of New Zealand marches:
Christchurch – 3:00pm, Hagley Park
Wellington – 3:00pm, Waitangi Park
New Plymouth – 3:00pm, Corner of Elliot and Devon St West
Nelson – 1:00pm, Corner of Halifax and Trafalgar Streets

Rotorua – 12:00pm, Rotorua Lake Front
Tauranga – 12:00pm, Red Square, Devonport Rd
Whangarei – 2:00pm, Cameron St Mall and Bank St
Hastings – 11:00am, Clock Tower, City Centre, 021 054 3492


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