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‘Whale Oil’ Employee Busted For P.

Thought he was anti-drugs?

The journalist who broke the story of the Len Brown and Bevan Chuang sex scandal has appeared in court on methamphetamine charges.

Stephen John Cook, 46, came before Manukau District Court this morning on charges of possessing the class A drug and a glass pipe used to smoke it.

Cook gained publicity last year when he teamed up with WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater to publish details of the mayor’s high-profile affair.

The alleged offending which brought him before the court today stemmed from an incident in Auckland on Saturday.

Court documents list Cook’s address in the North Waikato town of Te Kauwhata.

Cook also made headlines in 2008 when he was sacked by the Herald on Sunday while assistant editor at the paper.

Cook took his case to the Employment Relations Authority in a bid to get his job back but bosses said they had lost confidence and trust in him.


NIGHTLINE AXED – TV3 To Run Paul Henry 5 Days A Week At 10.30.


Well, I shall not be watching. Sad end for ‘Nightline’. I have been a fan since ‘The Original’ days. Belinda and Joanna made great classic TV, with the aid of great producer Dave Slade. To lose the show to that foul little creep, who once sat on air saying ‘gay people are unnatural’… Makes me feel very badly positioned against TV3. The man is dumb pond scum, a bad journalist and a sloppy media man. A sad day for news, TV3, and the viewing public.

TV3 has confirmed its late-night news bulletin will “take a break” at the end of this year.

It follows mounting speculation that Nightline would be axed and replaced with a show fronted by Paul Henry.

Today the channel revealed it will bring in a new late-night news-oriented programme in the same 10.30pm slot with Mr Henry at the helm.

The Paul Henry Show will be a wrap of the day’s events, TV3 said.

It is understood the new programme, which will take to the air in 2014, will aim to be an entertainment news show with a satirical bent in the vein of popular US programme, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

However, TV3 insisted it was not getting rid of Nightline, which has been on the air for 23 years, saying it “remains a valued part” of 3 News and “will sit in reserve for future years”.


WATCH – ‘Wentworth’ Starts Tonight On TV2 At 9.30.

Loving it. If you watched the original…..

…..the tributes and characters touched on in ‘Wentworth’ add a real fun element. If you have not seen the original it does not matter. The show is freaking fantastic. Makes me mindful of ‘Oz’ and ‘Bad Girls’, especially the use of flashbacks to show the women ended up inside, but is telling these stories in a mostly new way. Best line so far? from episode 6 spoken by Erica to her husband….”Pull my hair, I’m tired of fucking like a married couple”. Heaven. And Doreen is an idiot.

And The First Official Act Of Dame Susan Devoy Disappoints.


A cartoon published in a newspaper this morning is not technically racist under the the Human Rights Act, Dame Susan Devoy says.

The cartoon, published in the Marlborough Express, depicts a number of adults as “overweight Polynesian students”, dressed in children’s school uniforms joining a line for free school meals. One of the adults, wearing apparent ethnic tattoos and a back-to-front baseball cap, says: “Psst! … If we can get away with this, the more cash left for booze, smokes and pokies!” Race Relations Commissioner Devoy said at a press conference this afternoon that while she thought the cartoon was offensive, it did not exceed the commission’s racism threshold.

“I personally, and those at the commission, do find it offensive and insulting,” she said. “It does not reach the levels of racism within the inquiries and complaints process within the commission.”

Dame Susan said the commission had to look at what would incite racial disharmony under Section 61 of the Human Rights Act 1993, which makes is unlawful to publish material which is “threatening, abusive or insulting”. The illustration has sparked calls for an apology from the newspaper, over what many called “disgusting” and “blatant racism”.


Labour Loses Small Poll Gains After Keeping ‘That Guy’ As ‘Leader’.

So, the gains made through the foul National Party economic policies have been lost through ‘thingymagiggy’ as the ‘leader’ of the party. Shearer has shown time and time again he cannot lead labour to an election victory. So, he needs to go now so there is time for the party to regroup before the election. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW.

Labour has taken a big hit in the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll, raising fresh questions about whether David Shearer can lead them to victory.

Halfway through its second term, Prime Minister John Key’s National is riding high on 49.1 per cent support, up 4.5 percentage points since February, and would be able to govern alone.

Over the same period Labour had shed 4.4 per cent to 31.9 per cent, with respondents pointing to Mr Shearer as weak and negative, Ipsos pollster Duncan Stuart said.

It marks a sharp reversal from our February poll when the Left and Right were neck and neck.


On Labour and David Shearer:

‘‘The lack of a leader is what’s destroying them.’’

‘‘They could do better than David Shearer in charge – he is just not forceful enough.’’

‘‘They keep on knocking the other party instead of talking about what they want to do for the country. They need to be positive.’’

‘‘David Shearer has no substance. He just gets a little phrase and repeats it.’’

‘‘Well, I’m unimpressed with trying to regulate power. The whole policy is not going to do us good.’’

‘‘They’re not being an effective opposition and not taking advantage of their mistakes.’’

‘‘That whole thing where he didn’t declare his bank account.’’


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