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Jordan Williams – ‘Gay Right Activists Are Bullies’.

Actually, I have no idea what he was trying to say, except ‘Poor Me’, repeatedly and portray himself as a victim. Men do so like to make everything about themselves. He certainly has no idea what a debate is, nor how to actually apologize. Nor does it appear has he ever donated to rape crisis as a mea culpa.

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Should NZ Media Outlets Cover Hateful Outbursts From ‘Shock Jocks’ Desperate For Ratings?

Four years ago I stopped covering the outbursts of American shock hosts who were endlessly attacking gay people with lies and endless bullshit. For one there were way too many to keep up with. But mostly I just thought it feed their desire for coverage and attention, like untoilet trained infants. So quite awhile ago I also took the same view of NZ’s new breed of radio hosts talking any kind of bollocks that seemingly is driven in an attempt for ratings and attention. Mike Hoskings and Willie Jackson turned this drivel into an art. jackson has gone, Hoskings is still lauded by the Radio Network as he still delivers ratings from sucking up to the right wing. Now Sean Plunket has entered their realm with more of the same trash talk.
But if this type of idiocy is ignored they will not get more listeners who want their distorted views of the world expressed, nor will they get the attention they so obviously crave and need. Take away the oxygen and the fire dies. I love social media spreading the shit the say and it being discussed there. But for supposed MSM to cover it, sigh, makes them look sad and desperate for ‘scandal’ and column inches, or the interwebs version of column inches. Cover real shit MSM. That would rock.

Radio host Sean Plunket has described author Eleanor Catton as an “ungrateful hua” over comments she made about the New Zealand government and tall poppy syndrome.

Catton said she was uncomfortable being seen as an ambassador for New Zealand which she said was dominated by neo-liberal, profit-obsessed, shallow and money hungry politicians who do not care about culture.

Plunket this morning criticised Catton for “bagging” New Zealand when she had a taxpayer-funded job at a university.

“I don’t see you as an ambassador for our country, I see you as a traitor,” Plunket said.

“I’m only having a crack at you now because you’re being such an ungrateful hua, Eleanor Catton.”

However, several listeners questioned whether Plunket in fact called her a “whore”


WATCH – Some Idiot Jumps On Two Manatees.

What a nong. Poor Hamish.

READ – Anti Marriage Equality Mentally Ill Man Who Killed Himself At Notre Dame – Suicide Note Is….



“I believe it is necessary to sacrifice myself to break with the lethargy that is overwhelming us. I am killing myself to awaken slumbering consciences.” – French anti-gay marriage activist Dominique Venner, from the suicide note found near his body at the altar of Notre Dame Cathedral.

Venner’s suicide remains headline news across France today and the ruling Socialist Party has issued a denouncement of his action. Party head Harlem Desir: “The bill has been approved and opponents of marriage for everyone need to understand that it is now the law of the republic.”

RELATED: The BBC has more on Venner: “Venner was once imprisoned for activities with the Secret Army Organization (OAS), which opposed Algerian independence in the early 1960s and tried to assassinate President Charles De Gaulle.”

Algeria….will always haunt France.


WATCH – Pope Denies He Performed Exorcism – He States The Evidence Is Satan Does Not Actually Exist.

Pope Francis is denying that he performed an exorcism on a young man in St. Peter’s Square. The footage, taken immediately after Pentecostal mass on Sunday 19th May, shows the Pontiff approach the second of two wheelchair bound people, whose face is pixelled out.

After a priest leans across the boy or young man to tell Francis something, the Pope’s expression becomes more serious, the voice-over notes. He then grips the top of the subject’s head firmly and is seen pushing him down into his wheel chair. As this is happening the Pontiff recites an intense prayer, and the boy’s mouth drops wide open and he exhales sharply, Italian press reports added this morning. Francis’s usual smile then returns and he continues with the traditional – and more gentle — Sunday greetings for sick or disabled visitors to St Peter’s.

Euronews adds:

Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, said it had merely been a normal prayer for a sick or disabled visitor. “Pope Francis did absolutely not intend to perform an exorcism on this occasion. As he frequently does with the sick and the suffering who come his way, he intended simply to pray for a suffering person who had been brought before him.” The allegation came from the director who had been filming Francis at the time. In his commentary he had said the boy’s shouting as he was being blessed looked like an exorcism.

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