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‘Truth’ Editor Accuses Paul Holmes Of Buying Drugs.



I am sure he must have evidence to have stated this.

REVEL – All I Can Find Of Bette Midler – ‘Live At Last’.


Vicky became Dolores, as Vicky was just too much for Bette. Loved Vicky..

Oh, I know every word to this brilliant album. What a gal!


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WATCH – Sexy Sonia Gray And Me Rock Our Anatomy On ‘Jono And Ben At Ten’.

Always a fun show to work on!

Will ‘Marriage Equality’ End My Friends Getting Bashed On The Streets Of New Zealand?


Sigh. So, have had 3 friends bashed in the last 6 months. Has kinda thrown me for a loop. I have been doing the blog for 2 years now and when I started was the real start of the suicide of gays and violence against us in America. So, for awhile I covered the violence stories, but then they just got so prelavant I needed a break. And then in December last year my friends started getting bashed on the streets. And then another. And then last Monday a friend was kicked by 4 men in my home town hamilton whilst they screamed ‘Die, Faggot, Die’. Wow, where does that kind of hate and violence come from?

It’s learnt behaviour. It comes from the parents and environment and what is seen and heard and how ‘types’ are portrayed. Need a song break…….

When I was growing up there was little hatred for gays on TV or in the papers in NZ. Sure, they were underground but there was no anti-campaign against us. Now, turn on a TV or read stories about this ‘marriage equality’ issue and the hate, vitriol and false information being spread is enormous.

Research in America has shown this kind of hate speech being allowed in mass media has an effect on gay youth. Gods, it gets so tiresome for everyone. But 92% of gay youth say they hear negative opinions on themselves EVERDAY.

It is strange to grow up in a world when most of the messages around you are not directed at you. A world not geared for the way you see the world. It frustrates me that it is even worse to grow up in the 21st century in these conditions. you would not be allowed to go on TV and say Women or Maori are lesser people and do not deserve the same rights, but for some reason religious people are allowed to do this on Tv and in print and on the internet…..

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Dear Ryan Murphy, How Many Episodes Work Do I Have On Season 4 Of ‘Glee’ – Love, Your Cast.


OK, if I was core cast on ‘Glee’ right around now i really would be wondering hoe much work I had in the upcoming season. And if I am free to take that film I was offered that shoots between September and January as I have no idea when I am shooting on ‘Glee’. And the big question, how many episodes will I have this season and, let us be honest, it seems I really should have made myself open during pilot season for work as you seem to have little idea how much work I will have this season. And whilst I finally have your attention…..

1. Get rid of the potato faced Irish ‘Glee project’ winner. Can’t sing, can’t dance, has zero appeal.

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