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LOOK – Kiwi Olympic Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup Still Standing Up For Russian Gays.

He is so very cool the way he always says something to draw attention to the plight of GLTI’s in Russia, at the same time as stating support for them. So much more useful and classy than the actions of professional idiot Johnny Weir. You go Blake, you good, wise man.

Out Olympic athlete Blake Skjellerup covers the new of GT magazine, in which he talks about being bullied for speed skating, the difficulties of competing without sufficient sponsors and being out in Russia.

On Bullies:

In the new issue, Skjellerup explains that he was “bullied from an early age because of my sport.” Yet, it made him stronger.

“But none of it made me feel like quitting. Quite the opposite, it gave me huge inspiration to continue.”

On Sponsors:

Unfortunately, the 2014 Olympic Games may be the skater’s last. He tells the GT that he relies “quite heavily on my family to support” his competition but he also has a donation link on his website to raise funds. However, it’s not nearly enough “so at times it’s been quite difficult and I have to go without a lot of things.”

“I’m a lone athlete so I have to do everything myself. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost my life to the sport, but I can’t see myself doing it for another four years after the next Winter Olympics.”

On Being Out In Russia:

The Sochi games have become the subject of controversy due to Russia’s anti-gay bill and fears for the safety of gay athletes but Skjellerup does not appear to be worried.

“I don’t want to think because there are stories on the internet about me being gay is going to put me under any jeopardy, I hope I can bring some positive change in Russia to overcome their LGBT discrimination.”

The New Zealand athlete came out in 2010 to DNA magazine following the Vancouver Olympic Games. Something he chose to do after so he could focus his attention on competing. He finished sixteenth and is set to compete again at 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in Russia. If these games are, in fact, his last, he should know that he would have a successful career in modeling.


WATCH – Gay Catholic Priest Comes Out of the Closet.

Well, he chose religions poorly.

Rev. Gary Meier, a Missouri priest, has come out of the closet in the reprinting of a book he originally published anonymously, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Meier“I have tried over the years to reconcile my silence as a gay priest with that of the Church’s increasingly anti-gay stance. I have been unsuccessful,” Meier writes in his book “Hidden Voices: Reflections of a Gay, Catholic Priest.” “I was hopeful that I could find a way to have integrity while remaining part of a hierarchy that is anti-gay — I was unsuccessful.”

Meier originally published the book anonymously in 2011. But last week, he republished it with his own name on the cover. The crowd of 80 or so supporters who turned out Tuesday afternoon at UMSL — where Meier is studying for a master’s degree in counseling — included former parishioners, other Catholic priests, former priests (the Rev. Marek Bozek, pastor of St. Stanislaus Church was in the audience) and members of gay-rights groups.

Since his public declaration of his sexual orientation, Meier said, he has received a lot of support on his Facebook page. One woman, though, scolded him for accusing the church of a “lack of love.”

“That’s not at all what I’m saying,” Meier told his audience. “But I am accusing the church of a lack of tolerance and acceptance.”

Meier was ordained 15 years ago.He says it’s unlikely he’ll remain a priest:

“To be a priest and active in ministry, you can’t say what I’m saying,” he said in answer to a question at the UMSL event. “I don’t think I’ll be getting any more paychecks from the archdiocese.”


Gay Drama ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour’ Wins The Top Prize At Cannes.

Blue is the Warmest Color won the top prize at the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival on Sunday. The French film, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, is a sexually explicit lesbian love story


From a review….

The film itself is artful and compelling, as much for what it’s not as for what it is. It’s not soft and dewy. It’s not a coming-out message movie — though there is one scene in which Adèle has to fight off the taunts of her high school rat pack, one of whom claims to be angry at Adèle not because she’s a lesbian but because she “lied” about it. (Well, give the girl a break!) Most important, it’s a movie with gay sex that doesn’t pigeonhole the people it’s showing you: Adèle may be experimenting, or she may be bisexual, or she may be a lesbian for life — we don’t know any more than she does, and in a funny way, whichever of those scenarios turns out to be true hardly even matters. The real issue is that Adèle falls, and falls hard. The love she feels is consuming, which is why in the film’s second half, when that love begins to fall apart, she’s consumed by it.

CHOOSE – Would You Rather Be A Nobody Or A Jerk To Everybody? By John Green.

Lovely Thanks Harley..

Historic First Gay Pride March Held In Ukraine.

While gay activists marched under police protection in the streets of Kiev, Ukraine today, some 30 people (from both pro- and anti-gay camps) were arrested by police in Moscow as they protested Russia’s recently passed ban on “gay propaganda,” Reuters is reporting.

Yesterday, a court ruled to cancel Kiev’s pride march amidst security concerns. However, police stepped in at the last minute to offer protection to those marching today and arrested 13 people for trying to disrupt the march. Pro-gay activists in Ukraine are not underestimating the significance of today’s march:

“‘This event will go down in the history of Ukraine as one of the key developments in the fight for equal human rights,’ said Olena Semenova, one of the organizers, expressing gratitude to the police and the authorities for their action.” The assistance and support provided by authorities in Ukraine is in stark contrast to the hard-line anti-gay actions taken by their counterparts in Russia. This month Moscow officials again refused to allow a gay pride march.

Today’s events come on the heels of the recent brutal murder of a gay man in Volgograd, Russia, Vladislav Tornovoi, who was raped, tortured and finally killed because he was gay.


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