About Steve

Steve Gray is a New Zealand television presenter, event host, actor, top-10 pop blogger and reputed aggressive bottom.

You might remember Steve from hungover mornings skipping work and watching TVNZ’s Good Morning show. He did aerobics badly and slagged off movies before he was axed and replaced by someone even worse.

You might have heard him on bfm radio. Or your mum might have back when she went to university and that means you’re from the generation that’s never going to get a pension.

If you still have no idea who we’re talking about, Steve’s the weird cameo guy in TV3’s The Jono Project.

And this is his blog. You have been warned.

Steve’s interests include:

  1. Smoking
  2. Special guest starring like Heather Locklear as Amanda

Steve is commonly referred to the matriarch of New Zealand media. Or l’enfent terrible. Or that old drunk. Or the guy with the teeth.

There are a few things Steve Gray is not:

  1. Stephen Grey
  2. Josef Fritzl. Maybe.
  3. Sonia Gray
  4. G-rated
  5. Sober

You should regularly visit this blog or your computer might get a virus and delete all of your porn. So make peace and snuggle up to the real STEVE GRAY.

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