LOOK – Patrick Gower Prom Photo leaks.



Make no mistake, Gower has blocked me on Twitter. This may be because when he compared himself to Hunter s. Thompson I said he was not Hunter S. Thompsons drug induced anal shit squirting. Or when I said he was not a ‘political journalist’ now but a useless tool. Or when I posted this photo which I stole from someone on Twitter and stated this boy was actually fuckable. Make no mistake, Gower is not a journalists anus.

Eight Children Hospitalised Following Botched ‘Backyard’ Circumcisions.



Stop mutilating your children, you do not own their bodies. Vile practice. hate the inference that as they do not die, it isn’t all bad.

At least eight young boys have been admitted to Starship Hospital in recent weeks with severe infections from what’s being called “backyard circumcisions”.
The Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) confirmed to 3 News eight boys, believed to be between the ages of eight and 14, have been admitted to Starship with infections.
A spokesperson from Counties Manukau District Health Board said they were aware of at least 10 cases in the area, but several of those may have been referred to Starship.
Pacific Medical Association president Dr Kiki Maoate says the cases are culturally related, and it’s likely the families of the children involved brought someone from the Pacific Islands to perform the procedures.
“It’s not the first time something has occurred like this,” says Dr Maoate.
Although ADHB doesn’t know who is responsible for the illegal practice, Dr Maoate believes cost is one of the driving factors families turn to backyard circumcisions.
“Cost is probably the biggest factor,” he says.
For a circumcision under general anaesthetic, where the child is put to sleep, it would cost around $2000. If the child is given local anaesthetic, which is common with older kids, it would cost around $300-500.
Dr Maoate says although it’s rare for children to die from circumcision complications, those who have been admitted to Starship have had severe infections and bleeding.


‘The Australian’ Shits On Colleen McCullough.



Would say unbelievable but is Australia.

Prominent ‘Super Name Suppression’ Given To Prominent Person In The News.



Does this relate to……………..Has this ever happened before? What justifies ‘super name suppression?

Mike Sabin Has Resigned.



I wonder why, thought nobody.

National MP Mike Sabin has resigned.

In a statement released at midday he said he made the decision due to personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament.

He would not be making any more comment. There have been allegations that he was at the centre of a police investigation.

His resignation would force a by-election in the Northland electorate just months after the general election. Former policeman Sabin is a second term MP, having being elected on an anti-P platform.


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