UPDATE – The ‘Doctor Who’ Finale Has NOT Leaked.



So, it was meant to have leaked 24 hours ago and no pictures and no torrents have turned up yet? This is some kind of BBC bullshit, cause there is no way fans would not have posted everything about it by now. And this ‘we will give you a clip of Tennant and Smith on Sunday if no-one leaks anything? That is some strange game. And the details that have emerged were from a cinema screening, not from someone having viewed an early released video.

This sums it up well……


In addition, there’s very, very rarely post on Sundays. Plus, the Tumblr-site (located here) reporting it appears to be the only one (which I suppose might be possible, but still highly unlikely) who’s got it, and the only images coming from it. If this was a real leak, the internet would’ve been flooded with torrents and gifs. Even tumblr only has three or four posts claiming to have seen the episode, and they’re saying things that don’t necessarily have to be spoilers – they could easily just be theories.

And there’s more; the Tumblr post went up about ten hours ago. BBC first posted about this maximum three hours ago, with Moffat saying that if the fans kept mum they’d release a clip of Matt & David. Now, do you seriously believe that for those eight hours, no torrents, no gifs, no clear, definite spoilers – not to mention a synopsis of the entire episode – would’ve leaked? I’m sorry but I’m not buying it. There are two solutions; either this is a complete hoax and a publicity stunt or there’s one single person out there who has gotten his/her mail on Sunday and recieved the box by a mistake. If the latter is true, we’ll probably see gifs, spoilers and synopsises, along with torrents, when postal services are up and about again on Monday. If it’s a publicity stunt, which I’m fairly sure it is… Well.


20 Responses to UPDATE – The ‘Doctor Who’ Finale Has NOT Leaked.

  • Steve C says:

    This page mirrors my thoughts exactly.  Sorry I don’t buy this ‘leak’ theory.  If anyone wants to prove it a simple link to them recorded watching the opening titles or something else clearly new but not spoilery would do that.
    The majority of Who fans in the UK were and probably still are geeks or techno savvy at the very least. I don’t believe it’ll be any different in the US. This type of person has the ability and know how to upload and would have at least something convincing. On the other side of the coin, if you couldn’t upload it because you didn’t have it what better way to get attention than to pretend you have it. In fact the latter case is most definitely the more likely of the two, hence the claims without substantiation.
    Also Moffat would do more than offer a ‘preplanned’ video online as a bribe he’d do what he did before and issue a pleading statement and say how annoyed he was, he hasn’t, there’s been no interview with him. That’s far too fishy, in short this is a publicity stunt and it’s working very well.

  • Doctor Who fan says:

    The BBC have been deleting stuff.. But a lot of people have posted spoilers! Also, there are unboxings and reviews…. Look it up, before you post things. :P

  • sassy3000 says:

    The WHOLE thing stinks of desperation! And the lying fans trying to help Moffat are pathetic liars! There is NO LEAK! So what if he threatened to sue them! He’d never find them! So he’s full of crap! The ratings for the show have been falling so he’s just trying to drum up some cheap publicity.
    The liars on here stink as well! Oh I’ve seen it on a web cam…….SHUT-UP! No you haven’t! Pathetic!
    Can’t wait till Moffat is fired and a proper writer is hired. And NO! writing one or two good stories DOES NOT mean every stinking story that person writes is “great” contrary to the popular prattle coming out of the rear-ends of his fandumb!

  • john says:

    I’ve posted this at Whatculture? as well, and will say it again elsewhere, until proven wrong.  It’s a publicity stunt. The notion that the BBC would spend thousands of pounds hiring people or assigning personnel to scour the internet and enforce against every possible leakage – in a matter of hours – is just silly. Only one person has posted pictures of the package, Untempered_Schism at tumblr, and who is he/she? What makes that post reliable? The BBC of course has had pre-release copies for select employees available. The only “Name of the Doctor” torrents I’ve found on the internet have been of the PREQUEL (She said/He Said). Notably, there’s no effort to post offers of “The Complete Seventh Series” on either legitimate or questionable auction sites – even though postal delivery delay means that these would not arrive until on or after Saturday. The first give-away for me was Moffat’s offer of a Tennent/Smith scene if no one spoiled the show on the net; imagine the scheduling of two highly paid actors, studio use, crew, and the writing necessary, all to be done within a week? Highly unlikely. Rest assured, there will be no such spoilers and that scene will air – because it’s already been filmed. If true, I will be really disappointed with Moffat for pulling something like this, he has gone too far. I fear this may be the beginning of the end of the program.

  • RequiredName says:

    This is why America is failing intellectually.  Moffat just wants to project an image that people respect him, because they exceedingly do not.  Hate “spoiler-y” fans?  Try to get fans to hate “spoiler-y” fans as well.  The drawback?  Nobody gives a rat’s ass about his shit writing except for the mentally infirm. 

  • George says:

    You need to be less “shock value” in your posts titles. The episode WAS leaked I have seen the dvd through a webcam froma  friend who has it. Believe it or not people are actually respecting Moffat. Also, the BBC have been very aggressive at stopping shares

  • Rina says:

    There are many people who have taken pictures have been of blurays. Not many people have a bluray burner and with Moffat/BBC threatening to find any person who leaks a copy of it and sue the fuck out of them I don’t blame them for being too scared to go get a bluray burner and release it to the internet. Also many people who preorder have the “i paid for it why dont you” attitude. 

    • Steve Gray says:

      and it is available to download now x


    • Kenneth Dinkins says:

      Ha! Yeah, sure, the BBC can so people for sharing something they accidentally released. If this had really happened, the BBC would have had to suck it up and take it. They have no legal recourse. This was a publicity stunt. Lots of people have addmited it.

  • Marlet says:

    Untempered Schism said they received the set on Saturday. Curious to see if more people will be receiving leaked  sets in Monday’s mail.

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