LEARN – Why No Torrents Of ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ Have Appeared?



So, it has been 3 days and still no torrents of ‘The Name Of The Doctor’ have appeared. ‘Love and Monsters’ turned up, and wasn’t that just designed to piss off fans. And then ‘Nigger Homos from Outer Space’, but still, no real torrent for ‘The Name of the Doctor’. At first I thought the ‘sending out the DVD’s early’ story was a total publicity stunt, but have had people swear black and blue they have seen the DVD. So………
The BBC may be running around getting sites to take down torrents that appear, but they still would have turned up on the secret internet, and there is still, as of now, nothing there either. Maybe we can assume the American fans don’t know how to convert their DVD’s to downloadable torrents? I wouldn’t. But after 3 days, nothing has appeared? I am back to calling fake on the ‘leak’.
But lets make a deal. I’ll give you the heads up if you give me a heads up? But by now, I feel a torrent shall not appear.

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  • @Agnes says:

    @Agnes: The BBC doesn’t run commercials. Ever. t is actually illegal for them to run commercials.

  • Agnes says:

    By the logic of the deranged “Whovians”, that obnoxious and over-used word “spoilers” is part of a form of DOGMA. These are the sorts of fans I would be creeped out by were I famous, and would want to avoid if at all possible. Getting the DVDs early and not sharing because WE are “not true fans”, while they enjoy the show sooner because of their “good faith”, is a measure of their illogic and inanity (and insanity). What makes them special as to see it early and not share? Their devotion is disturbing and unkindness to all others is cult-like in a sick, not enjoyable, way.

    • Agnes says:

      Also, I have not watched television in over fifteen years, since I was about 16. I do not have TV service, by personal choice. I watch what I want and when I want as much as possible, via internet and DVDs. To not have the show released early by some deranged fan logic that it ought to be seen on TV when and as it is meant to be (with commercial breaks? really? I’m not going to be watching it or anything else that way, ever, actually) … that is a disgrace, it is hurtful and it IS PERSONAL and I will personally destroy the minds of anyone who partakes.

  • The-other-doctor says:

    I believed it at first, especially when people posted photos of their early deliveries. But now I am calling bullshit on this.
    I am not prepared to believe that nobody would have torrented this or released the full plot on a spoiler site somewhere if 400 copies had been released to the American public. Americans are not so dumb as to be unable to figure out how to rip Blu-Rays. I’ve been doing it since 2009, though for personal backup purposes I have never posted a torrent anywhere. 
    The guff about Moffat offering a “special scene”. That scene has been shot and will be released at some point regardless of how well the fans behave. If several hundred box sets had really been released to the American public, something tangible would be out there in the form of spoilers, torrents or screencaps. Heck, if nothing else someone without the digital knowledge to rip a BD would point a camera at their screen and torrent the resulting video file. 
    So…a publicity stunt by the BBC I expect. It’s got everyone talking, fans and regular viewers. I would have downloaded a torrnet but purely because I am out at a very important engagement this evening and will miss the broadcast. 

  • Neil says:

    Well…. although i was offered a copy , im waiting to watch it Sunday night to see if my theory on the doctors name is right….mainly because i like watching it on sunday nights with a nice drink in hand , than anything else….
    Moffats been dropping clues  (or Red Herrings ) since he took over…. Geronimo, Weeping Angels, the fallen time lord, “the doctor always lies, ”  His gift of light . fire and knowledge to mankind in the very first story in 1963….., cannon established in Pertwee story  The Daemons, the 11th doctoprs fondness for apples, and many many other clues that  its unlikley he has a “good” name……..
    and Steve ,…..wait untill you see the doctor “come out of a closet” when they finally put the recovered troughton episode 2 of “the Underwater menace ”  on DVD  its a gem :)

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  • callum simmons says:

    Because Steven Moffat has promised a special 50th anniversary video with David tennant and matt smith if certain people who received it kept spoilers off the net and same with torrents. The fan community is teaming together to allow people to watch the episode unspoiled and on it’s airdate in good quality whereas a rip even of a blu ray would be inferior in every way to the broadcast versions. This is the fan community at its best. Just shows you what a group of dedicated fans can accomplish and as a fellow doctor who fan I applaud them!

    • Steve Gray says:

      Well, as fans hate Moffat your idea makes zero sense

    • Nikk says:

      All of those people expecting for real WHOVIANS to upload this torrent to see early it’s just not going to happen. There is a reason we put up LOVE & MONSTERS for those who are too impatient to wait a week to see it on tv as it’s meant to be seen. I have the Blu-Ray’s, I have seen THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR and I know how to upload my BLURAY rips to the internet, but will not. I am very excited to be participating in this keeping spoilers off the internet. If anything, this week has proven that WHOVIANS have a strong connection to this franchise and am glad to be among those who are actively participating in remaining spoiler free for the rest of the world (the bonus clip for keeping it off the net is a nice bonus as well)

      • Steve Gray says:

        So, you are saying American Who fans do not get fandom and are fucking stupid enough to believe the ‘we’ll release a scene clip’ bullshit? Is that what you are saying?

        • Nikk says:

          No, that is not quite what I am saying my friend. I am Canadian, not American. I do get the fandom and in response to someone else’s comment, the proof is on the internet, or lack thereof. We will get this bonus clip thanks to us who respect this franchise and I am extremely greatful that my fellow whovians who received the BLURAY’S have not spoiled it for those of you who have patience and a non-hate for Moffat stories as you suggested. Your reasoning is illogical and your faith in the human race to be able to resist putting something online just because we have access to it early is ridunkulous. lol Enjoy the moment folks for tomorrow night Doctor Who changes!!

          • Steve Gray says:

            the proof of what? nobody has ‘proved’ they have the discs, 3 people do not make a mass release story real. so now the discs were also sent to canada? well, seems like the whole universe recieved the discs early now!

    • Prim says:

      So does that mean there will be torrents after the airing because if Doctor Who doesn’t show in your country we’ll have no other way to watch it.

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  • Chris Feyrer says:

    A combination of factors:
    1. Steven Moffatt asked fans not to leak it and those who have seen it are honoring it.
    2. It’s not the DVD that leaked. It’s the BluRay. Someone who knows how to rip DVDs is everywhere. Someone who knows how to hook up a BluRay to their computer and rip it is much more rare.
    3. The BBC indeed is removing any leaked copies they might find. In addition, Doctor Who geeks may be actively helping them in good faith.

    • OtakuX says:

      Don’t most people have Blu-ray drives in their computers?

    • Toccs says:

      Actually the DVD set has been shipped early as well, people at Galifrey Base has confirmed they’ve received theirs.

    • BobRick says:

      Because ThePirateBay definitely removes torrents when companies ask them to. 

      They have a page on their website where they post legal threats and make fun of them.

  • larrythefatcat says:

    I believe you mean:  ‘Gayniggers from Outer Space’
    …don’t ask me how I know the proper title…

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