The Lovely NZ Rock Pioneer Dave McArtney Has Died.

I first met Dave around 1998 when I was working at the Shakespeare and he was teaching English round the corner. I always loved his music, both with ‘Hello Sailor’ and his solo work so was totally in ‘heaven’. He was very much bemused and we hit it off well until he realized I found him smoking hot and wanted to root. Once we had sorted that shit out, we just always got on so well. He was a lovely, thoughtful man. And we always ran into each other lots after that with the huge return to the public eye for ‘Sailor’ after the turn of the century.

Jessica Christ, am sure we all assumed Graeme would go first.

He was one of those men who you always have a ‘quiet’ moment with. Where you would just talk about real shit with no bullshit, no bravado, just men talking with total honesty. I really liked that. I really liked him. I can see his wry, sly, shy smile even now. I am so sad.

FROM HIS FAMILY – Dave McArtney’s family and his Hello Sailor band mates are very sad to announce that he passed away early this morning, 16 April. He died peacefully in his sleep at home.

Dave had been seriously unwell and recently spent a week in hospital. He was released last Wednesday, seemed comfortable and expected to recover. His sudden death was not predicted and has come as a shock to all.

His last words to his wife last night were that he was working on an arrangement for a new song.

To his mates Dave was variously, Hook, Crockett, and Dunkirk Dave in reference to his dependability and the kind of friend who would right at your side when it was time to go ‘over the top’.

Dave leaves an incredible musical legacy with songs like Gutter Black, Pink Flamingo, All Around This Town, Remember the Alamo, Is That the Way and I’m in Heaven in a career that spanned thirty-eight years. Dave was very proud of “Surrey Crescent Moon”, the Hello Sailor album released in 2012 that featured three of his songs.

Dave was in fine form until recently, touring with Hello Sailor late 2012, then celebrating his daughter’s twenty first and graduating with a Masters of Arts (Music) degree in March.

He leaves his wife Donna, son Gabrielle and daughter Moana.

The family and the band ask that they be given time and space to grieve. Funeral arrangements will be made known once finalised.

2 Responses to The Lovely NZ Rock Pioneer Dave McArtney Has Died.

  • Tracey Moody says:

    I didn’t know Dave personally although I met him on occasion in the company of prestigious others.
    To his family and friends, you shared a beautifully talented man with us and left us a lot to carry on with.
    I trust all of NZ will celebrate Dave in style and for a long time to come, I’ll be watching from Sydney and my heart goes out.  Wow, all those fantastic nights boogieing, thanks Dave.
    Arohanui Tracey Moody, NSW

  • Lynda Peploe says:

    Heard the very sad news about Dave this morning.  I was a huge fan of Dave, the Pink Flamingo’s and Hello Sailor.  They were a big part of my life growing up, and saw them numerous times live. The last time I saw Hello Sailor was at the Coroglen Pub, Coromandel in January 2012 and it was a fantastic concert. Just like the old times.  The Hello Sailor album was one of my first record purchases and I used to thrash it on the stereo.  I still have it, and once I find what has happened to my turn-table will give it a spin.  Thanks for the huge contribution you made Dave.  You were amazing!  RIP.

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