IN TRIBUTE – Happy Birthday Mr Lambert.

Is Mister Lambert’s b’day today. Do not ask what his age is. Is none of your business and irrelevant ya rude bugger. When I first heard girlfriend sing it made me mindful of so many of the great singers who had shaped my life. His perfect tone, control and pitch. So, in tribute to his  b’day, I present some of the greatest singers of my age. This, is how I pay tribute. He is these amazing, soulful artists peer.

This is from right after JFK was assassinated. Amazing.

She is my everything.


Another singer turned actor.

This one is for Sauli.

My mother sung this. Leontyne is better.


Elaine is a classy broad. And a boozer like me. Match made in a bar.

Cannot wait til Adam does this in Russia. ‘Allow Gay love!’.

Oh, and this is how you sing this song. We call it singing in tune.

Now this is acting and singing and her husband had just died and everytime, IT KILLS ME.

‘Candide’, what a score.

Love this performance. So intimate, and grand. And the vocals are heaven. And all such good friends.

Gotta have some ‘Horror Story’ and Jessica.

For awhile when I was lost, this version of this song was a needed constant.

For the wonderful Gutter tribe. You guys so rock. Flap Flap Flap.

Should have been first single.

3 Responses to IN TRIBUTE – Happy Birthday Mr Lambert.

  • Hoopla1 says:

    WOW! What a great compilation of fantastic performances! And, yes, Adam definitely belongs in this company. Happy Birthday, Adam! Thank you, Steve! Special thanks for including the Zodiac Finale…it’s been too long since I listened to it. Always makes me cry tears of joy! It’s JUBILANT!

  • Fluffygrl says:

    Flap! Flap! Flap indeed!!!! I love this Steve – fabulous women singing fabulous songs,,,so good. I LOVE Naked Love and I think it would have done well as a single; it’s catchy and fun. Love that version of ‘Aftermath’. I never was into that song until I heard him sing it acoustic, without all the over=production that I felt swallowed it on the album…and then it touched me so deeply when he just sang the thing. Adam is their peer, as you say…he has that big ole amazing voice, and then he has his beautiful soul and passion. I love that boy so. Thank-u for this x

  • lisa says:

    What an awesome line up Steve.. flap flap flap…lol… had never heard Judy Dench sing and this is very touching since as you said her husband had just died… Goodness knows how she managed to get through it without crying herself to the floor…

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