Dear Sunday Star Times, I Clearly Stated ‘I Know Of One Gay All Black’.



Gay media personality Steve Gray said New Zealand’s sports culture needed an All Black to stand up and be counted. Gray claimed there were several gay All Blacks over the years, including one he’d slept with. “I can definitely say there are gay All Blacks because I have slept with one,” Gray said. “Everyone always asks what his name was, but I can’t remember. I don’t know who the All Blacks are. But at the time I checked with a friend and it was totally true.” He said a gay All Black would not be comfortable to publicly out himself, which he understood. “If you’ve been in any sporting situation they are incredibly homophobic,” he said. “I wouldn’t think one would come out at the time [of playing].”

No I didn’t. I did not claim there have been several gay All Blacks over the years. I stated I slept, well not much sleeping, in the 1990’s with a AB who had played in the 1970’s. I knew his name, rank and what province he played for at the time the event happened. . I have forgotten since. FFs was 20 years ago. I said over the years there have been rumours about many All Blacks, none of which I knew too be true. I said many gay men have said they have slept with AB’s. As I had not witnessed this sex, I could not confirm if these acts had occurred. I did not say every sporting situation is homophobic. That is ridiculous and I have had many great nights in sports bars, clubs and watching it. Gods, I worked in a sports bar for years surrounded by sports journalists.
I said the rugby culture in this country is such, it would maybe not be a place a gay man would want to be.

I said we live in a country where the Prime Minister equated being gay with being weird. Hardly leading from the top. I said it is not up to a rugby player to lead and show our country is a place that is proud of gay people when gay is still accepted as a put down. I said we need a country that is safe for gay people to live in, especially our young members who represent in such large numbers in our suicide stats.
Also, jusy because a man stops off at a park for a lazy bj does that make him gay?
NZ is obsessed with a gay AB.


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