‘Aura’ Contibutors Were Mislead Over Everything By Jeanueau, Xenu And @plumcomm.



So, this is the original email sent around by Jeanuea and Xenu front person and stooge @plumcomm. Notice no mention of the cost, which would be huge, that content would be used to make money or who was actually behind ‘AURA’. Note how they connect to Liam McEwan as if to connect him with it, as if he endorsed it, having no idea who was behind it…..

Hi Fan,

For those interested in participating in the Aura magazine that @plumcomm Alice & a few fans are creating, below is the information that Liam McEwan shared on his show included in her email to me. If you want to participate her email is alice@plumcomm.com

So glad you’re interested in AURA. We’re so excited to be doing this for us and for Adam. Here’s what Liam McEwan shared with listeners during his Nov 25 Adam Lambert Hour plus some more info on how to participate in the magazine:

AURA conjures up images of glowing lights, a halo, perhaps. AURA is also the name of a tribute magazine being created by 4 Adam Lambert fans to celebrate the extraordinary connection, that incredible bond, which exists between Adam and his global fandom. Named for Adam’s remarkably positive, energizing, inspirational inner and outer glow, AURA will capture his journey from post-Idol 2009 through year-end 2012, AURA will showcase fan impact accounts and poetry. . . Top 10 lists, firsts & favorites. . .tributes from business and entertainment leaders. . .career highlights, sexy stats, awards & honors. Creative ventures inspired by Adam, fans supporting his career and concerts, fans supporting fans, crashing websites, stunning photographs, illustrations, timelines, favorite tweets, quotable quotes, etc. will fill AURA cover to cover.

In here was a huge request for photos stories testimonials from fans world wide.

The most inspirational, humorous, positive, supportive, and descriptive stories and the most unusual, humorous, loving, stunning, aura-filled, high-quality photos and illustrations will be featured. . . as well as a few surprises! AURA will be published January 29, 2013, Adam’s birthday. Ordering information will follow. Jump on it. Talk it up. The more diverse our involvement, the better. Email alice@plumcomm.com your stories or questions. Love and light, AURA Team Let me know what you’d like to do. I’ll give you any follow up tips. Spread the word. Let’s make this as diverse as Adam’s awesome fans.


A few months ago I was asked to write a story for the Adam Lambert tribute magazine, Aura. I was told that this project was entirely non profit, and that all proceeds would go to charity. I was also led to believe that the ‘staff’ of this magazine were ‘hand picked’ by Adam Lambert himself, and his team. Steve Gray, blogger, has shed light on this project, revealing that the nature of this magazine may be for personal profit of the staff. The notion that the staff were hand picked is ridiculous. At this stage I have asked for my story and photographs to be returned to me and withdrawn from this publication. I have not signed a release form for my story or photographs to be published, and will take legal action if my words or image appear without my consent. My story and image were gifted in good faith, and I would not consent for them to be used in any form of media using the drawcard of Adam Lamberts name to financially profit anyone other than Mr Lambert himself, or worthwhile charity, or support Mr Lamberts career in its entirety.

I am now in direct communication with the editor of Aura and have requested a sighting of legal documents, signed by themselves, stating that this project is fully non profit, and all proceeds are donated to the Forty to None charity project. Tammy Lee @sweetonpeacexx

All it says on the AURA website, which I shall not link too is this…..

A portion of sale revenues will be donated to the Forty to None project for homeless LGBTQ youth.

That can mean anything. I have not followed these 2 since the MP money making scheme was revealed. All they seemingly do is look for ways to make money off Adam lambert fans. But this whole con is just so revolting in the way they have not been open about information right from the start. I hope they actually respond to fans who have contributed, and I hope they do not break any laws.

UPDATE- PLUMCOMM TWEETED THIS IN REPLY TO WHERE THE MONEY GOES – Contingent upon sales. The more we sell the higher the %. I see 0 until expenses are covered + FTN gets donation. – – WHY, IF IT IS A FAN VENTURE IS SHE GETTING A CUT OF THE PROFITS????

9 Responses to ‘Aura’ Contibutors Were Mislead Over Everything By Jeanueau, Xenu And @plumcomm.

  • LJ says:

    I see Adam’s own brother Neil tweeted that he agreed with Steve about this. A fan asked Neil what he thought of Aura magazine and Neil tweeted back that the agreed with Steve.

  • Morgan says:

    Thank you so much for shedding light on this Steve.

  • magsmagenta says:

    This actually gets worse and worse as it goes on, what exactly is this 40 to none anyway, is that even real?

  • I think we can all value that most fans do not wish in any way to exploit each other or Adam Lambert. I am happy that Steve has shed some light on this, and relieved that I am able  to pull out of this project. it’s a cool idea, and hopefully the Official fan Club will one do something similar. 
    Oh and Steve, i was not told this by Alice (Plummcom) it was someone else involved with the project, but i do not wish to name names, but just clearing that up in all fariness. S’all Cuckoo. 
    Have a lovely day everybody xxxx

  • Terry says:

    People should also be aware that this idea was stolen from people who already had a magazine going called Bedlam. They were planning a second edition and their entire contents list has been copied by Aura. Bedlam was a true grass-roots fan magazine about Adam and it was FREE. The lady who was planning edition 2 is extremely upset about this and tried to communicate with X & J about it. I saw the response she got. It was rude. Something about “well you can contribute something and if it’s good enough we might include it”.

  • RedBessRead says:

    It’s a great idea for a project – I love the Glamberts – their personalities, passions, creativity and love for Adam.  It would be a great project IF there was more clarity around the financial side.  I think there needs to be a very clear indication of precisely what proportion of sales is going to the Forty to None charity.  I wouldn’t even consider supporting a venture like this without that declaration and commitment.

    I think it is very off-putting that people involved in the project have alluded it to being sanctioned in any way by Adam or his team when it clearly is not. 

    Personally I don’t think it is ever really appropriate to make money from someone else’s name or work without their consent or involvement.  Even if others are OK with that and believe people should make profit for their work then they can at least be upfront and honest about who is behind it, who is involved (and who is not) and exactly where the money will end up.

    • Kerry Kolsch says:

      I wrote a book about how Adam Lambert was cheated out of his American idol win with the help of an AT&T executive. It was a story that needed to be told because it was important to the LGBT community to know that Adam Lambert did not lose because he is gay. Every word that I did not personally write was credited to a proper source. I did not claim that profits from the book would go to a charity because I happen to think that kind of marketing is tacky and self serving. My book was originally published online and Kris Allen’s fans purchased one and set it up for free downloads killing any real profits. It did not matter to me because I was more concerned with the truth being told. Since that book I have written about 100 articles about Adam on Yahoo for very little monetary gain. I also participate in a Town Hall Roundtable podcast with Scott Katz and Brenda English. We have booked quite of few hours promoting Adam for free. I am writing another book about Adam’s societal impact called Adam Lambert , The Alpha Male. The reason for the book is that Adam is not the stereotypical neutered gay man as portrayed in the media, but a sexually charged Alpha male that has to kick in doors to be accepted. It is a point of view that is not being expressed in any other venue. I am writing the book without Adam’s permission. His permission is not needed for me to express my opinion as to why I think that he will become an iconic international star in spit of his complicated start. I agree with you that it is the duplicity that angers people in the Lambert fandom but I do not agree that everything written about him needs to be sanctioned by him.  

  • Terry says:

    OMG! What a pair of bottom-feeding scum-suckers. They’re worse than Monte – at least he has some personal connection to Adam. These two don’t know Adam and have no right to be raking in a profit based on him. They are just a couple of desperate old bags trying to build an industry for themselves based on a high-yielding celebrity by deceiving and exploiting his fans & their generous spirit. They make me want to vomit.

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