Farewell ‘Weeds’ – The Best TV Show About Parenthood Ever!


Oh piss off ‘Breaking Bad’ fans. Forget ‘Parenthood’. Now that it is all over, I realize that ‘Weeds’ has all been about parenthood. nancy’s battle to do the right thing, seeing how her behaviour affected her sons, and having no idea what the end would be but always heading for it. I liked the show after they left Agrestic, unlike many. So glad to enter the real world of the drug trade and Nancy not being able to believe it did not affect innocent people.
I loved the last episode. It did not try to cleanly end everything. Life is not clean and thought it was wise to finish with the characters together, but ultimately alone….

Oh, fuck Andy, what a judgmental wanker he became. The acting of Shane realizing what a drop kick he was moved me immensely. Silas being with that cow made sense, he always lived to be dominated. And in the end, was Nancy a ‘good’ mother? Are any parents good? She parented and did what she thought she had to do. I think she rocked!

And no Celia was a huge shame, but obviously the show creators did not want Perkins back.

I shall very much miss ‘Weeds’. No other show about drugs or crime works as well for me. Because it was about people in the end. And living.

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