WATCH – Will Adam Lambert Have A Male Lover In A Music Video?

The question, from the great Linda Ladden is…..

Do U think US is ready for a gay man to have male love interest in aMusic Video & will you do so for an upcoming TRESPASSING Music video?

……..He answers around 12.30 in……

He is probably correct. A shame the U.S. has to be so immature with gay love.

8 Responses to WATCH – Will Adam Lambert Have A Male Lover In A Music Video?

  • Malcolm says:

    I agree with how Adam is going about it. I know some critics will say that he’s selling out and not being true to himself, but I think one must consider all sides of the story. Adam wants longevity, a solid career. I think his plan of taking things step by step until he’s accepted enough to take risks like some of the other pop stars is a very good one. Sometimes what you want has to wait a while to coincide with when it will be had.

  • Debbie222 says:

    The real shame is that if Gaga, Perry, Madonna, Brit, etc. were to do a lesbian video, they would be held in high regard for being brave and gay-friendly, and so on. As usual, Adam would be crucified if he tried a gay video. Sadder yet, Adam actually being gay would be being true to his sexuality as opposed to the gay-playing female pop artists. It stinks. Adam will always get the short end of the stick when it comes to how creative he can dare to be.

  • SharonS says:

    I don’t think Leah is an Adam fan if she was she wouldn’t have made the statement she did about finishing off his career and her comment about being too visibly gay on stage and screen has cost him a lot of success that he had gained on AI. What a negative attitude. 

    Personally I think Adam may gain more fans if he did a music video with a love interest if it was tastefully done. I know his fans and most of gay community would accept it. When is the right time next month, next year or 20 years from now. Yes US is very prudish but that doesn’t mean we can’t take risks and help mainstream America move forward with a little push. Someone has to do it. And I don’t mean Adam has to do it. But it should be done.

  • Leah says:

    Only if Adam Lambert ever wants to finish off his career once and for all.  Look at Gotye and how successful his song with a female love interest has been. 

    Besides, judging from what Adam said yesterday, it seems that he has finally seen that being too visibly gay on stage and screen has cost him a lot of the success that his popularity during American Idol would have otherwise assured him.  Too little too late.  As far as I can see, those who deserted him then are gone for good.

    • Daisy says:

      Well, music fans are very fickle. Adam might have lost some fans, but is also gaining new fans everyday. Adam’s career will be fine because he is so unique and amazingly talented.

    • Steve Gray says:

      wow, leah, what a shame america is so immature still the music scene will not allow out proud gay acting men in the mainsteam because they don’t want to ‘anger’ hillbillies and inbred fuckwads because they choose to live in hate and ignorance and the music iindustry is ok with that.  am glad tv and cinema there allows some gay activity 

    • Netmeg99 says:

      Leah.. Nothing about your post says you are a fan of Adam’s. He’s not sorry for anything he’s done.. if those idiots left him then he doesn’t want them as fans anyway.. Adam will do what he wants and if one of these days he wants to have a male love interest in his video he will.. and those who can’t handle it well so long good bye.. Adam is doing just fine.. He’s not going anywhere and if he never becomes as huge as these other non talented acts then Oh Well.. He’s singing with Queen so I don’t think he needs to worry. Some of the other pop stars don’t have to abide by these stupid rules.. Katy Perry had two guys kissing in one of her vids.. and that was okay I guess. 

    • LoveAdamsEyes says:

      Leah you can’t be much of an Adam fan with that negative attitude! Adam gains over 1,000+ followers per day on Twitter alone! If he’s lost lost from Idol, no big deal! Heas gained SO many more & I predict he will be an Icon & haters will just have to deal with it! His true fans will ALWAYS be there for him & support him!! He doesn’t need the ones that are “fair weather, or fickle fans”! Anyone waiting for Adam Mitchell Lambert to “Bomb” has a hell of a long wait!!

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