Craig Platt – Hitting People Is Not Allowed – Even At Skate Parks.


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45 Responses to Craig Platt – Hitting People Is Not Allowed – Even At Skate Parks.

  • Juli Barrett says:

    It doesn’t matter if the kid was skating around younger kids. He should have called security. He just showed that he was even worse. Those kids didn’t purposefully hurt any young kids, but HE did. He, an adult, knocked a kid a third of his size off his skateboard. He has the control of a toddler. He should be convicted. And I’d worry about his own kid. He said it was heat of the moment. Who knows what else he’s capable of in the heat of the moment?

  • Genevieve says:

    Seriously Craig Platt should be held responsible for his actions and i do hope this does not get swept under the carpet his actions were uncalled for.  I have read comments regarding “those kids were creating trouble” “kids these days are out of control” and i DONT CARE some can be rude and disrespectful but that does not give anyone the right to man handle, Assault, etc. I have seen adverts re “ITS NOT OK” to use violence and yet this is clearly violence i hope he ends up with a conviction on his record and maybe some PD in SOUTH AUCKLAND only because it will take him out of his comfort zone and may take him down a few pegs or so.  If we operated like he did then as i have stated in other message boards we can close anger-management classes and go out looking for these naughty annoying kids perhaps malls, skate parks, school grounds where they may be and dish out a bit of JUDGE PLATT justice.  I feel sorry for platts family and busness partners i hear they are copping abit of the flak at the end of the day it was him that acted like a first class idiot not them.  

  • easy goin' says:

    That boy could have been hurt as some are concerned – he had no helmet or knee and elbow pads !!! Why on earth was he on a skate board without safety gear in the first place ? His parents have a responsibilty to know he is safely set up, and so I question their responsibility too.

    • Sam says:

      Yes they need helmets and pads from getting assaulted by nutters like Platt, I skated as a kid. I never wore helmets etc, i got a few bruises here and there…. I believe it essential on big ramps, but come on. Just rolling around on a flat surface? Saftey goes too far these days, why not helmets for people driving their cars too? 

  • Anon says:

    My god, all of you get off the bandwagon.
    Yeah he did a shit thing, the kid was being a little wanker obviously and while he didnt deserve to be shoved like that (which he walked away from quite fine) he shouldnt have been being a little shit skating infront of kids younger than him.
    Get over it, maybe you people should focus on teaching kids how to not be little shits and people won’t have to ‘take things into their own hands’ in the wrong way.

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  • Wendy says:

    So Craig did wrong, what about the scum bag who was intent on ruining the little kids day. He was old enough to know better. I am 63 years old and in my young day the cops would have turned up grabbed that scum bag by the ear and marched him home to be sorted out by his parents.

    Leave Craig alone and have a long hard look at yourselves!!! your inciteful comments are just as abusive as his actions were.

  • Paul houghoughi says:


  • Mary says:

    Wow some very vitriolic comments. Seems most of the people that have commented also have ‘issues’ and perhaps need anger management also!

  • Diogenes says:

    If he assaults children in public, maybe CYFS should enquire about the wellbeing of his (6 yo?) son, and any other children he might have in his care (is that the right word?).

  • charlie fainu says:

    You rent-a-cop wanna be.

  • charlie fainu says:

    If I was the boys father I would knock your teeth down your throat wanker. 


  • charlie fainu says:


  • charlie fainu says:

    Your just a wanker that probably got bullied when you were young and now you take it out on people smaller than you. trust me homeboy If I see you around your ass will be on the ground.

  • Kris Knight says:

    Well Craig haven’t you just kicked yourself up the ass and followed through an upper cut to your own chin! I do believe your sales will now go down, down, down, down down!!! What a hot headed asswipe 1 for knocking a CHILD around! and 2 for continuing to be an asshole when someone tries to stick up for them.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure if a parent did that to their own child and someone caught it on film CYFS would have already interveened and the parent arrested for assult on a minor.  So what makes you any different? why have you not been arrested?

  • Jerry says:
  • Smith says:

    If you show your face around that skatepark anymore you better watch out you will be owned we will be waiting!

  • Smith says:

    He better not show his face anywhere near that skatepark because we will now give him the same treatment he gave that kid,swatch out Craig platt

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  • Josh says:

    I agree with the person who said that if it were their kid, Platt wouldn’t be walking right now. I hope someone tracks him down in a dark alley, does some nasty shit to him and then calls the cops…

    • easy goin' says:

      WOW – you are so clever and so superior to Mr Platt in yours and the other posters solution to use premeditated violence compared to what was shown in the Vid. I’m sure he didn’t start the day with intending what happened, but yours sounds like you want an opportunity to use violence. Mature and get real…

  • robert stratton says:

    i hope the police were involved and justice will be served . has anyone notified tv3 news or such like so he can be named and shamed on national television!!!

  • Mary Arona says:

    As a polynesian and kiwi born now residing in Australia, I am disgusted and ashamed to see this clip.  Just by viewing the clip Craig clearly show’s he has no respect for others yet alone for himself and for the crew behind all this, you ought to be ASHAMED of yourselves.  People like you give us kiwi’s and polys a bad name. I’m a parent of 2 children and I would hate for anybody to lay their hand on my child like that yet alone myself.  Who the fluff do u think you are Craig! Put urself in that poor childs shoe, when you literally pushed him off his skate board!  The poor child had no helmet on and was very lucky he didn’t fall and crack his head, What wat would u do then, if he did?  Lesson taught keep your freakn hands to urself even beta do something beta with it like wash ur nuts or something. To the guy who put himself out there, Big up’s to u my friend.  It took a small English guy to step up to the mark and take ownership of the situation.  I say do Craig over for all he’s got. Who know’s that’s probably how he treats his own children if he has any.  After watching this I would hate to have a father like him. True Story

  • Jay Shepherd says:

    Ive been involved in organising a few motorsport events and no way would this have gone down at any of my events. “The Prat” should have been asked to leave by the event organisers after seeing the tape. Instead they surround and attempt to intimidate the guy who complains. Because of that, the event should have been cancelled and they should have had their event licence revoked. That kid could have ended up with serious head or neck injury. If that was my kid, Prat wouldn’t be walking right now. 
    Also a well known and successful professional skater came to little old New Zealand to promote a new and popular sport. He helps design the park (which lends more credit than simply running an event at one) and look at what he finds. Comments like “go back to your own country” and event officials that tag the skate park HE DESIGNED. Craig Platt you have brought SHAME on New Zealand and you should just leave.
    Im sure that most of us here would agree that we would rather have people like the guy that stood up to Craig in New Zealand over Craig himself.

  • Spamulike says:

    Too many roids (steroids that is, not hemorrhoids – although……)

  • Neil says:

    What amazed me is that after stepping towards Leighton Dyer to push him in the throat, he lied and said that Leighton was in getting in his face. Craig had to step forward to push Leighton. Not only is he a bully, he is a bare faced liar as well. . . One mistake compounded by another. Not a great set of lessons to teach his child.



    what a bloody woofta>>>>>>> bet you he wouldnt dare do that to a brown boyee

  • dan says:

    love to see him get some of this, thinks he’s tough needs a good crack

  • Justin says:

    I would have smacked him right in the dick!

  • Parent says:

    What a tosser!!! See how big he was standing behind the biggest dudes there!!! WINNING YOU RRAT!

  • Chris says:

    Is he a dad… Which I hope he is not …but I wonder how he would like somebody doing this to his kids ??

  • No Time For Bullies says:

    Well, he hangs out with convicted drug traffickers giving kids prizes to vandalize a new skate-park …. I don’t know about you guys, but these facts don’t exactly inspire me to believe that this display of anti-social behavior is anything other than a normal day at the office for Platt. I hope he enjoys his prison experience. 

  • Jude Wilson says:

    Parents go to Jail for hitting their kids …. YOU ya “Pratt” should be sent to Parry with the big boys!!!

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  • May says:

    According to his website, he has had a lifelong fascination with birds.  Paints a more complete picture of an all-round angry creep. 
    I cannot WAIT to see this dude go down.  Bring it on.

  • stepa says:

    You’re so screwed Craig hahaha gutted!!

  • Scott Manson says:

    I hope this low life scum bag gets what is coming to him.

    CRAIG PRAT 2012 

  • Rex Perenara says:

    Did you see the big ass “scaredycats” telling the guy in black who was complaining about the bully, to “chill!” Baldy Pratt go play with your pastels in jail and see how freekin big you are

    • not scared says:

      Just so you know bro , WE ARE NOT SCAREDY CATS  believe me, we were there to stop any trouble which is what we did, no one had seen what was happening with those kids prior to the fact theres always two sides to a story

  • Johannas Von Vilhelm says:


    Have fun with your lame ass art in jail! Whee! 

  • pooface says:

    Craig Platt??? MORE LIKE CRAIG PRAT!

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